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Lightning Show

A lightning storm choreographed to music, pretty cool but too bad it wasn't longer.


by yak

submitted August 3rd 2006

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I love watching lightning.

I live in what's called 'The Lightning Capital of North America' and we get some killer bolts here. Lightning is really some beautiful stuff.

It's too bad this clip is so damn short.
12 years ago
That's kind of what St. Louis looked like on the 19th all night long. Ameren says it was the worst storm in the 100 years they've been in business.
12 years ago
FAKE. ive never heard a song whilst listening to lightning!
12 years ago
30 seconds of my life I can't get back....
12 years ago
If lightning strikes in the ocean, you can see it go down into the water.
12 years ago
Wioneo, I've been in a 'john boat' and had lightning hit about 20-30 yards away.
When the lightning hit the water it seemed to spread across the top of it.

I've not looked into it, but from what I saw it did not appear as though it went very deep into it. Your question is a good one and I'm going to see if I can find the answer to it.
12 years ago
i saw a really cool documentary about lightning on discovery channel, the other day.
it said that when lightning strikes, it actually goes up and down hundreds of times, while you only see it hitting the ground once!
12 years ago
I'm sorry I was dreaming about how many golfers that could have killed.
12 years ago
victorious that soemthing u should have learned in middle school science class. u poor bastard.
12 years ago
Golf massacre...
12 years ago
@Stephen: maybe in the US, but not here. for me it was just a cool fact ;)
12 years ago
and the documentary was awesome.
12 years ago
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