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I'm With Stupid

A guy makes a sign to harass those Jesus people you see on the sides of streets.


by yak

submitted August 2nd 2006

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cancer and pain to to tje prick
12 years ago
12 years ago
fuck clover, sense of humor, get 1 u bible-thumber, and go visit ebaumsworld they have pansy shit for u there. I AM SATAN!!! BABABAHAAHAHAH
12 years ago
I'm Catholic, but that crap was funny. I thought he was gonna beat him over the head with that cross...
12 years ago
people who believe in all that religion crap are stupid. when will they grow up and learn about facts and sience and stop believing in fairy tails. i guess they think santa and the easter bunny are real too.
12 years ago
lol i want to do something like that too, but there aren't any people with signs like that where i live :(

^i dont think they ever will, they need something to believe in, poor people.
12 years ago
Seven: What balls? He stood behind and away from him while his girlfriends giggled in a car across the street. Lame-assed. I wish it was fake.
12 years ago
LAME-O!!! i couldnĀ“t even read the christian guys sign....and there were no headshots!!
12 years ago
The devil is a loser and he's my bitch.

jesus is worse.

12 years ago
The devil took it up the ass from me, then I bitch slapped his red ass and left him wth the warm beer.

Satan sucks donkey ass.
12 years ago
DEAD donkey ass.
12 years ago
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