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Snoop Whale

He likes 'em big, wet and reeking of fish


by Sprinkles

submitted April 11th 2015

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Rockefeller saved the whales.
2 years ago
Kill the whales, save the food
They're nothing but a bunch of black jiggaboo's
Save your money, let them die
So we can snort coke and get fucking high

I think that's how it goes
2 years ago
jrob's right.
2 years ago
Im just sayin big oil saved the whales
2 years ago
Soooo sad
2 years ago
2 years ago
Ho meets, sucks and fucks boy almost immediatly, gets discarded like trash by boy, then wonders why boy won't call.

The end
2 years ago
Oh, reality.
2 years ago
The bible states that god made us all to be just like him, so, if we're dumb, then god is dumb too.
2 years ago
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