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Marylyn Monroe Skirt Blow Prank

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by yak

submitted August 2nd 2006

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Alright, the "audience laughing" part of it was friggin gay. ...

12 years ago
wtf was up with those sounds and music in the background? girls saying "mmmm" and whatnot?

and ya it was fake as hell. no one stands on the vent that is shooting their dress up for like 10 seconds trying to figure out how to get their dress down.
12 years ago
That's what happens when you buy cheap cans of laughter.
12 years ago
Super Mario likes panty shots!
12 years ago
wonder how many they caught that they didnt show that weren't wearing any panties.
12 years ago
or had pads on for their leaky kebabs
12 years ago
^ 0 cause it was fucking fake. And a bad fake at that. I can't believe you thought it was real. I'm embarrased for the both of us.
12 years ago
Why do they allways add that fucking audience laughing? is it for retards so they know when to laugh?
12 years ago
^ You mean like most American sitcoms.
12 years ago
#1 the audience was SO gay
#2 those dumb bitches stay on the fucking wind instead of moving there ass into safety.
#3 look #1
12 years ago
all the european sitcoms feature laughter as well. the only difference is the european sitcoms arent even in the least bit funny. unless of course youre a 5 year old that laughs like mad when seeing a giant foot squash things.
12 years ago
i'm sorry hotshot, can't let u get away with that. America really is not known for humour. (check the spelling of that mate) and if it somehow does appeal to you... well that's okay , you're happy, and it probably says something about you, which makes me happy as i won't have to drone on any more.

Anyway i wanted to LOL as fuz's leaky kebab comment.
12 years ago
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