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Town destroyed by Bulldozer

I wish they would have had more on this clip.


by Stephen

submitted August 1st 2006

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I've seen this. Later he gets stopped by a humongous truck and gets shot.
12 years ago
There's always a bigger truck...
12 years ago
Killdozer was stopped by the failure of a radiator. As soon as Killdozer came to a halt, Heemeyer committed suicide.
12 years ago
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heemeyer (there are links at the bottom of the page t to the full video)
12 years ago
Silly town council for making such a silly decision. More power to you Hemmeyer. =)
12 years ago
I remember seeing this on TV when it happened... The man became an instant hero.
12 years ago
Wow, after reading a little more about this guy, I really have to support him in this one. It sounds like the city was to blame for his business failing (including fining him for violating an ordinance that they caused him to not be able to abide) and so he just took it out on the city. The people that were say that he went out of his way to avoid injuring people and just took our his anger on the building.
12 years ago
Yeh repost. Kill dozer destroys town, full vid i think

12 years ago
If he made a point of not hurting non-fucktards, that can maybe recover his suicide malus.
12 years ago
Like ohters, I agree with the guy. Political corruption and greed just to force a small muffler shop out of business? Complete bullshit. And the fact that he even requested an extention on the sewer line and the city refused, and then fined him for not having the line is ridiculous.

I love the fact that the video makes him out to be the only bad guy, even though it was the government that basically ruined his life.
12 years ago
This guy is a fucking hero!!!!! Don't worry about the shops he destroyed, insurance will take care of it.
12 years ago
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