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nasty eat its.

nasty eat its. Most u have prolly seen. The first stunt what the hell was meaning of that stunt? Please tell me.


by Stephen

submitted July 31st 2006

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In the fist stunt the guy dies and I stopped watchin after the leg break...
*WARNING* shocking video...not funny
12 years ago
Shocking eat its?
12 years ago
are you seriously warning the mucohsucko users about a video being shocking?
12 years ago
As far as I'm concerned the first guy was asking for it. Not tragic.

The leg break I've seen a thousand times and it's not that shocking. Again, it's two people in a professional fight, though it just looked like a regular boxing match so I don't know why he was kicking the dude, but it's certainly not tragic.

A lot of dumb assery going on. And a few blatant fakes as well.

And bad music.
12 years ago
not to mention a bit of douchebaggery as well.
12 years ago
Ya I did say that u have prolly already seen most of them in the title of this. But u cant tell me that wasnt some crazy shit in that first so called stunt. Thats why i posted this and also to ask what possible good could come from that stunt.
12 years ago
The second guy that gets ping-ponged between the two cars is Brad Pitt, or his stunt double, in Meet Joe Black.

The first guy that got hit by the car had to have been staged as well. The camera work was too steady and followed the collision too well to have been footage from a home video. Yeah, we're all video experts here on Mucho Sucko ;)
12 years ago
why post crappy fake videos in the mix?

however, that was hands down the best music selection I have ever seen in a compilation video online. No, i'm not being sarcastic.
12 years ago
Yeh the music wud have gone better with a proper gore compilation or Iraqi insurgensts getting killed by US soldiers or something. The first guy looked brown bread all right, the sheep bumping off a wall was just stupid
12 years ago
i think that the first stunt was just measuring the height of the jump trying to reach to the big X.o by the way about the leg break it wasn´t boxing it was vale tudo the muost brutal sport i think there is.funny thing thing is the history of vale tudo only 2 people died.
12 years ago
Nasty eat its- i was hoping for some nasty porn
12 years ago
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