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NFL Hits videos

Just some NFL hits. Includes the infamous Joe Theisman leg break.


by Stephen

submitted July 31st 2006

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tell me why its called football again
12 years ago
Try doing that 'without' armour and then just maybe it can reach Rugby levels.
12 years ago
And when rugby players get over 175 pounds their hits may have the same amount of impact.
12 years ago
Comparing rugby to american football is like comparing baseball to hockey
12 years ago
Gotta love that facemask!

I love it when punt returns get hit, they go flying all the time.
12 years ago
Rugby ain't got shit on American football.

If God wanted us to play sports with just our feet, then why would he have given us hands?
12 years ago
^ o_O ?!

Rugby uses hands too retard...

12 years ago
I have seen more tits at a rugby party than I have at a tailgate party.
12 years ago
@Xugaa - Sorry, didnt catch the latest MTV CRIBS with a fucken Cromag rugby player on it.... sure did see a bounty of NFL stars on there... you're RUBBISH, find a dentist.

@monkeyfuck - Thats because tailgaters get sufficient tits before you drop your pacifier.. fucken dolt.

12 years ago
ow my helmet... uh notice how the guy near the begin gets smashed.then gets up tosses the ball and casually walks away after his helmet was smashed off by 2 guys.. gg.. rugby wins
12 years ago
fuck rugby, get an american football athlete and a rugby athlete running at each other full speed without pads and we'll see who is left standing. americans are stronger, more muscular (thats why they coined the word American Muscle), faster, etc. the only thing you europeans have going for your athletes are bad teeth.
12 years ago
@assahoy: Probably because American "football" players wear 175 pounds of fucking pads.

@fuck_sancho: The American football player wouldn't be used to full contact without pads.

I still don't know why its called football, the clue is in the fucking name "foot-ball"
12 years ago
sancho ever heard of physics.. what they lack in mass they make up for in speed.. most football player are at least 200lbs and that quite a bit of weight to haul around so they dont move as fast.. and its not just europeans that play it
12 years ago
look i played both american football and rugby.ya sure football has pads but they don´t do shit.Also in Rugby people think twice to come in beat your ass to the ground,mostly because they get hurt also.In football its not chaos its well planned sportl.So all in all Rugby Sucks
12 years ago
monkeyfuck: True'nuff, but I'm sure you've seen more dick as well. ALL of the rugby parties we threw wound up with naked folk. Hell, rookies get naked damn near everywhere as part of the hazing...
12 years ago
I've played collegiate American Football and Rugby, and both are GREAT games. I've never hit a rugby mate HALF as hard as I've ponded a football player...BECAUSE of the pads. Both sports have hard hits, compensated by padding or not - Electrical tape to keep the ears tight notwithstanding.
12 years ago
Geezus... some of you guys are really retards.

This sport is better than that one!
My favorite sport is better.
Shuddup faggot!
No, you shut up dickhead.
Your sport is for pussies.
Well your sport is gay.
No, you're gay.
Why is it called football?
Why isn't it called kickball?
-blah blah blah blah blah blah blah-

If you tie your identity to a game or sport you've got some serious issues.
12 years ago
motsew. i've wondered why it's called football too. our soccer should still be our football, and our football should be our soccer. we took a name from a pre-existing sport and gave it to another, which was pretty stupid, but in American football field goals(kicking the football through the uprights) was worth as many points as a touchdown (both 5) back when it was first started, and i guess they figured it was easier to kick it, but now a td is worth 6 and a field goal 3. anyway, i think they wear all the pads so they CAN hit harder so the owner will get more money from attendence because it's more entertaining to see someone crushed. i personnaly (spell check) think that rugby is extremely boring. for me, am. football owns all
12 years ago
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