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Rugby hits video

some pretty good rugby hits


by Stephen

submitted July 30th 2006

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some massive tackles there! a few high ones but wtf.
image american football players trying those minus the protection.
12 years ago
And so the battle over which code is better shall recommence.

League possibly might have better tackles but I still prefer Union.

State of Origin every year is always good though when you switch Roy and HG on but it sucks that only New South Wales and Queensland actually get to see it live on free to air television.
12 years ago
I goota say that shit was pretty brutal. Footballers have pads that protect them and keep the speeds down a bit. Those guys were pulling some gnarly moves.
12 years ago
thats nuts. do rugby players get broken clavicles often?
12 years ago
Rugby players die often.
12 years ago
bout time something like this was posted.. i remember a debate about it a while ago. hope you watch this hotshot if your dumbass is still around. football is for pussies.
12 years ago
rugby's great i used to play when i was like twelve but stopped because the club i went to was shit, supprisingly you dont get that many injuries or a least i only knew of one bloke who had a broken collar bone, union is by far the best to play, my fave position has to be hooker and no thats not a joke its the only place where you see most of the action....

....i should stop talking now
12 years ago
^^You are a bitch! Have a nice day.
12 years ago
this video makes me feel really good that i'm playing rugby this year.
12 years ago
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