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Lobster hands

woman was born with lobster hands.


by Stephen

submitted July 30th 2006

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"I pinch"
12 years ago
poor woman
12 years ago
Glad to see she is taking it so well. Not letting it stop her from doing whatever the hell she wants. More power to her.
12 years ago
omfg i knew a guy that had one lobster hand and one with 4 fingers, he wouldnt tell me how he got like that. now i know the truth.
12 years ago
"I do whatever I feel like doing, whenever i feel like doing it"? I bet she doesn't get laid much though.

I think the really pressing question here is. Does she taste as good as real lobster?
12 years ago
i wonder if she has crabs.
12 years ago
ahahahhaha zoidberg fucking lobster family i bet they gona have kids to and they gon ahve lobster stuff too
12 years ago
Evolution, right before your eyes!
12 years ago
why do weird people always have to be fat???
12 years ago
At least she can still play Edward 40 claws.
12 years ago
but she'd be a real pushover in a game of rock paper scissors. still think its pretty badass that she just says fuggit and carries on business as usual
12 years ago
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