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Some prisoners getting a bit of a kicking.

Some may say a little excessive!


by Red23

submitted July 29th 2006

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"Remember this next time you think about converting!"

Ahhh Middle Eastern justice.
12 years ago
what the fuck were those things they were hitting them with
12 years ago
12 years ago
probably deserved it
12 years ago
repost or i saw it somewhere else. the pain is so hard, at the end they just sit there.
12 years ago
id rather have that than a tazer.... what the fuck am i talking about, I dont know.
12 years ago
They just got jumped into a gang..
12 years ago
You missed the part where they throw the guy with the Superman t-shirt off the roof of the building.
12 years ago
Repost, i posted it.
12 years ago
An its Saddam era Iraq, there's loads of footage around of the things he did, being thrown off a 3 story building is bad but nothing compared to getting your tongue or ears being cut off
12 years ago
fuck it, i'm not gonna watch it. somehow i think this might be just that little bit too much for me. i can take the gore and executions, but i don't want to see em suffering like i think they do in this vid.
12 years ago
Calm down this is Christmas muslim style you drag people out and beat them to death with tinsle
12 years ago
that was brutal... but there are more dead people now since saddam sits hungry in a room..
12 years ago
Maybe it helps them think about the next time they are going to break the law?
12 years ago
.aDo.: i honestly don't think that more people are dying while saddam's in a cell..
mass graves are being discovered all the time full of saddam's victims.
christ only knows exactly how many people he had killed over the last few decades.
12 years ago
reminds me of my old job. my bosses where dicks too.
12 years ago
MS Noob, the diary.
6 years ago
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