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Reno 911 Base jumper

Another Reno 911 clip.


by Stephen

submitted July 27th 2006

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12 years ago
^ That's the smartest thing I've ever seen you post.
12 years ago
haha DWG.
12 years ago
i've downloaded some torrents of reno 911, it's not broadcasted in my country :(
12 years ago
too bad.
12 years ago
DWG!!!!!! puhahahahahahahaha. would people get offended if they said DBG on tv?
12 years ago
^ you mean DNG don't ya?
12 years ago
Funny!! lol
12 years ago
fake they had a scaffold set up 5 feet down
12 years ago
phew.. glad i'm not in that Vicotorious's shoes!
12 years ago
fabree shut up ...dead nigger guy doesnt sound right dead black guy sounds right
12 years ago
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