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Surprisingly agreeable thoughts from an Imam

Women should be confined to their homes, look good and never say no to sex


by Jones

submitted February 3rd 2015

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4 years ago
Word, hasn't been a single faith that hasn't brought a bunch of shit to mankind
4 years ago
you ghouls put some clothes on
4 years ago
Loud mouth.
4 years ago
I cant watch this
4 years ago
We know. You're not allowed to leave the house or drive either.
4 years ago
Unless it's for work, then he can ride his moped, or "motor bicycle" or whatever.
4 years ago
The temptation over there must be overwhelming. Just imagine two men walking down the street and coming up on a woman standing on the corner. The one man says to the other, "would you look at the burka on that bitch" and the other man replies, "I'd like to get me some of that" and they go home and fuck their ugly wives.
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
* JamesTKirk puts on loin cloth. *
4 years ago
You watch it with the volume down and his mannerisms look like an old lady's.

Still, this nigger knows what he's talking about.
3 years ago
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