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WoW - Draenei Male Dance

For all of you warcraft nerds out there like us, heres a sneak peak of the dancing from one of the new races. I'm sure some of the long time regulars will recognize the music and where this comes from :P TUNAK TUNAK!


by yak

submitted July 26th 2006

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Hahaha that reminded me of Arnold in that video when he makes all the Brazilian or something bitches uncomfortable.
12 years ago
The only problem with it is that the vid is not synched with the music. If it was...I would be really impressed. It was cool though.
12 years ago
When this song first came out my CS clan and I used to play it before all of our lan tournaments. This brings back so many memories lol. Dancing and singing to some tunak. This gets me pumped up to shoot some faces.
12 years ago
This dance is the one that the Rock did in "Be Cool" at the end. bet!
12 years ago
Anyone got a link of the original video of that guy going "tunak tunak"?
12 years ago
WoW is fun at the beginning(I tried the 10 days free thing), then it gets boring like all MMPORGs!

UT04 is great, Im playing it for 2 years now and it never gets boring cuz you can cope urself anytime u join in a quick match with players around the world...!
12 years ago
@bamf88: and right after playing the song you guys had a circlejerk to enhance your teamspirit, right?

@TangOfThought: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KepPoUEm7SI&search=tunak
12 years ago
WoW, people who play this shit are fucking dorks.
12 years ago
why the heck would someone link to a video outside of mucho when mucho has it...

12 years ago
^how was i supposed to know you had it here?
12 years ago
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