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Hair Dryer Prank

$1 of flour for a quick and easy prank on someone that lives with you :P


by yak

submitted July 26th 2006

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Followed by nuts in a vice for a quick and easy retribution.
12 years ago
Ugly girls don't deserve to dry their hair.
12 years ago
God she's ugly.
12 years ago
i did same trick... only switched the hair dryer with a 44. Mag.... shoulda seen it. Her face was all red... and so was her robe... and the wall.. and the floor...
12 years ago
12 years ago
She sounded like Roseanne.... with and without the slow motion.
12 years ago
that guy's haircut was the douchiest thing i've ever seen.
12 years ago
haha not bad :D

Only thing is it can be quite dangerous, which is good in certain situations. Flour dust like that is quite explosive, so if there was a problem with the hairdryer you might get a fireball and not a pile of flour dust.
12 years ago
hehe ^ valid point, however that would just make an even better video!!!!
12 years ago
Seen as the camera is in the bathroom all day where's the footage of her taking a shower piss or shit, im sure she will be pleased to have him edit thru the footage of her wiping her ass squeezing her pimples or taking a piss an the like. FAKE
12 years ago
Yea, flour in the air has so much surface area it just EXPLODES. Thats why you hear about grain elevator fires. It's not chemicals, it's the huge amounts of dust just goin up.
12 years ago
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