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Ugly Guy Maze Scare

More maze scare videos.... Here's the thing tho, you have to be a fucking caveman to not have seen the maze scare game... How are these people finding people who have never seen it before.. wtf.


by yak

submitted July 26th 2006

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Niqqua got ups
12 years ago
HAHAHAHAHAHA..... got some air on that one.
12 years ago
who the hell wears headphones while playing a maze game?....
12 years ago
Hahaha, fucking loser probly lost on the first level too. The first time I saw it I think I got to level 8.
12 years ago
lol, i love the evil slo-mo laugh. omg world record scare.
12 years ago
Not everyone lives on the internet.
12 years ago
@strange: exactly..!?
12 years ago
If a picture of a hotdog appeared on the screen the fat ass would be leaping towards the screen.
12 years ago
hes got pretty good reaction time for a fatty.
12 years ago
That was hilariously funny for some reason... Why do I always laugh at people who have quick reactions to certain things?
12 years ago

i like mazes
12 years ago
That's awesome, and he took it well.
12 years ago
i would love to see the reaction from the front of an entire classroom of kids keeping close watch of their monitors at their desk during a group exam..instant restroom break!..

12 years ago
Ahh the unsuspecting victim.....
12 years ago
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