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Its More Sapp Time

A Bob Sapp Collection of him beating the every living shit out of people, with the music from his hit song in Japan "Sapp Time"!


by yak

submitted July 26th 2006

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Is this the big guy that got hit in the face a few times and started crying?
12 years ago
Im not sure why they keep putting such small guys in the ring against this giant ape..
12 years ago
i thought i saw a few times that looked liked he was getting his ass beat
12 years ago
That's a bigga niqqua.
12 years ago
Yea, Crocop nocked his ass down and made him cry.
12 years ago
i would say his song sucks, but i dont want him to kill me
12 years ago
pound-for-pound he's nothing special at all
12 years ago
Is he related to Warren Sapp, resident fat ass of the Oakland Raiders?

12 years ago
"I'm the Juggernaut bitch!!!"
12 years ago
Nope. Warren is from Orlando, Bob is from Seatle. Soundtrack was wacky.
12 years ago
Boniawsky kickes his ass...
12 years ago
Fuck Sapp... speak Japanese or get out of the country.
12 years ago
He shoots locusts out of his mouth and cures cancer too
12 years ago
I liked the other one of him better. Where he chased little Japanese girls around and popped their ballons. THAT, was amusing.
12 years ago
@dirtyrottensteve LOL. Yes sir boss. Like the drink only not spelt the same
12 years ago
Everyone is small compared to him. Except for this one fight against a south korean dude that was taller than him by about 6 inches or so, but not quite as large.

Bob sapp is cheap shot, he keeps pounding his opponent even after the referee stops the fights.

A fun fight of him is against Kimo.

He wasn't knocked out, as he told reporter he was in great pain and couldn't continue.

Also, it is well known in japan that a lot of his fight are prearranged, but i'm not sure if there are for him to win or lose.

Good or bad, it's still entertaining to watch him fight.
12 years ago
hmm...yeah, you, not commenting smores....seems like a win/win
6 years ago
Haha the Kimo fight was so retarded.
12 years ago
Thank Jeebus for guns man, because that's a huge bitch!
12 years ago
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