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Sexy Yoga!

Some pretty hot gyrating action!


by yak

submitted July 25th 2006

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Nice ass, orangey.
12 years ago
Not only have a dated a yoga instructer, i dated the very woman who invented those straps used in this video.
12 years ago
I can tell you need some bitchslapping attention-whore
12 years ago
Finally some more women that can keep up with me in bed.

I wouldn't say it was the most revolutionary of inventions unless she was 40 because people have already been using the inner tube of a bicycle tyre for decades for yoga and physiotherapy.
12 years ago
Don’t pick of RyogaVee guys, he clearly has insurmountable insecurities that make it necessary to peacock about for a bunch of strangers on the internet.

Fuck it… lets. Jeeeezus, I’ve met frat boys who are classier about their conquests. At least they don’t post pictures of them on the internet. I don’t even care if he’s making it up or not, it’s so fucking lame either way that that question fails to factor into it.

“So when I was finished my wushu practice with grand master Hung Lo, I bumped into my good friend who’s developing cutting edge bullshit at Superduper Corp and we went to a restricted area of MIT where we met the Swedish bikini team. They’re all really great ladies and we had a fine time together really learned a lot from each other. Here’s a picture of me being Lord of Cool with them worshiping me like in a Conan poster. Too bad that even how implausibly fantastic my life is, I’m still SO FUCKING LAME that I have to tell all of you about it at EVERY opportunity. I’m now going to go and LARP, oh sorry, I meant cosplay, with Gwen Stiffani’s cool consultants.”

So cool. So very cool.
12 years ago
that was great balls, that´s exactly the kind of bs ryoga feeds us every day!

oh, and ryoga, if you read this, april never ever ever was black!!

and you´re an idiot!!
12 years ago
Don't forget that his cat can track invisible gouls and ghosts across the room. Good show man, good show.
12 years ago
what does it matter anyway balls?

and uh yeah
april was black
12 years ago
^ to go with that.... maybe in your world steven_seagull people are one fixed shade of skin color, but in the real world people have different pigments to their skin.... perhaps you've never seen a black person before?
12 years ago
Most white people are completely out of touch with black culture, that's why there's so many racist people. But the same is true for ghetto blacks who have little or no contact with whites.
12 years ago
http://www.ninjaturtles.com/comics/mirage/two/01.jpg ZOMG TURTLES ARE WHITE TOO!@!@@
12 years ago
Oh shit, I just came all over my keyboard!!
12 years ago
April was BLACK!!!!
12 years ago
wow, that was convincing...NOT!! at least back your claim up somehow!!
12 years ago
lmao @ durdens comment...tension in this fourm is too high...we need more humor

(props to balls as well)

...nice name by the way, im a pretty big fight club fan
12 years ago
@ Yak: It doesn't matter. This feeling has just been building for a while and I'm better now.
12 years ago
Steven, first off fuck you for referring to that worthless actor who doesn't deserve the name, Stephen, in your screenname, second, he just proved it with a picture, and everyone knows that pictures are aleays true. Thirdlyfied, he's Yak.
12 years ago
Ryog- I dated the woman who invented the material from which the straps were made AND I laid the woman who wore the first bikini on Bikini Island- which I now own after selling my computer idea to Billy Gates when I was in the fifth grade. Oh, and I also defiled 63 of the 72 virgins that Muhammad Atta was supposed to get after slamming into the World Trade Center.
12 years ago
ive just invented a cure for cancer if anyones interested, of course it was only made possible by all those Miss World contestants giving me nosh every day.
12 years ago
My comment wasn't funny, it took hours to clean it up!! Then I had to explain that smell to my wife. no fun at all.
12 years ago
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