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What the world should know.

Its about Israeli bloodshed in Palestine and Lebanon. There some reading involved


by Stephen

submitted July 25th 2006

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The demon that once was facist nazism, has taken on a new name Zionism. It is much wiser and patient this time around. It has a clear goal death and total enslavement of those who oppose its will. Will it one day declare victory? Who knows, only time will tell.
12 years ago
I cast my vote for the Jews. Those guys are tired of having buses full of civilians bombed on a weekly basis. I would be pissed too.
12 years ago
if the arabs didnt want a war, then why would they kidnap two soldiers and then not give them back? sort of a stupid way of asking for peace, huh?
12 years ago
Learn the history of the Isreali and Palestinian conflict before you take a side. And dont use Fox news as reference.
12 years ago
nice post, some interesting stuff right there.
I ask myself the same question about the soldierabductions. might be set up by the israelis?
12 years ago
I guess the Israli beach bombing in Lebanon the in the days before the latest slice of this shit pie had nothing to do with anything...

And you know ...

Troops are not Kidnapped...especially when they are at War ...they are POW..it is not the first time in history Military soldiers have been captured...All branches of all militarys inform their members all about getting captured...

And how is that no matter what terminology you use Justification for what they are doing?

Bahhh wtf ever...I am so sick of this shit...Just light up the Hydrogen already.
12 years ago
Out of context BS. If it wasn't the Israelis it would be each other. Preach hate and martyrdom, get war.
As far as the land...use it or lose it.
12 years ago
You got to take it as a seriously researched and unopinionated piece when it calls itself "The Truth" before you see anything else.

Interesting they overlooked the immediate Arab response to the UN's recommendations in 1947.

Perhaps those a true quotes but they seem to convenient without knowing the context.

It's pretty bloody on both sides (despite the argument that the casualty count is lopsided) and the added foreign interference and hidden agendas just make it too big a mess to be fixed anytime soon if ever.
12 years ago
Typical black and white thinking on the Israli side. Shoot first and ask questions later. No wonder the entire middle east hates these guys. A bunch of panic junkies playing government over there.
12 years ago
man fuck the US, they are assholes, look what they are doing.... oh wait.... so you mean other countries do this shit too? No, this video is def fake.
12 years ago
Hey SavageH, there's no declared war, so yes, they were kidnapped from their own territory. As I've heard stated before, if the terrorists put down their weapons, there'd be peace in the ME. If Israel puts down their weapons, there'd be another holocaust. Simple as that.
12 years ago
^ bullshit, if israel wasnt created illegally in the first place we wouldnt be talking about this, if the jews want a homeland why not create it in aushwitz where most of rat bags are laying. or if the freedom fighters did lay down their weapons then israel will not have as much casualties, nations in the middle east need to arm themselves to wipe out this vile race of people. compare the fuckin weapons they others have to israels, not to mention hush hush more nukes than pakistan and india put together.
12 years ago
BLAH BLAH BLAH Matza BLAH BLAH BLAH Manichewitz BLAH BLAH BLAH Hitler BLAH BLAH BLAH Where's my money! BLAH BLAH BLAH oyyyyyyy BLAH BLAH BLAH hava nagila
12 years ago
Wait a minute (i just got to the end) why is the video complaining about civilians being attacked by Isreal when its the Civilians that are attacking Isreal?
12 years ago
Lib*&^%^ - Typical fucking arab apologist. Arabs respect force, and force they'll get. I hope the Israeli kill until they run out of rounds.

Freedom fighters, LOL. So, when sharia law comes to your town, will you accept it? It will be o.k. to let your sister be murdered if she offends your family? No strip clubs, alcohol, gambling, bikinis, just stinking hairy whores in burkas. Oh, I can't wait for all those freedoms.

This site would never exist in an arab state.

Be careful what you wish for dumbass.
12 years ago
I just had to comment!

Listen, Israel does use extream force. But while its enemies want the world to focus on Israel's force, the underlining truth is that if Israel puts down its weapons it would be slaughtered, if Palestinians put down there weapons there would be peace.

Groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah and specifically against *any* peace with Israel. These groups refuse any peace and then complain when Israel fights back!

Most importantly, I challange anyone to find the original source of many of those quotes because many are completely made up. (Surprising to some, not surprising to those that know Israel-haters.)

Here are some sites documenting how these are FAKE quotes:

If you watched this video and believed these quotes then you have completly fallen for the anti-Israel propaganda of Israel as this evil, bloodthirsty entity.

If Israel puts down its weapons it would be slaughtered, if Palestinians put down there weapons there would be peace.

Thank you for listening.
12 years ago
Whats happening is similar to nothern Ireland except it was much longer ago that the British took the land and they didnt put the Irish through half of what Isreal's put the Palestinenes, no jobs no schools no proper housing yeh but not too the degree the Isreali's have been doing.
Imagine what Ireland would be like had the British took the same route as the Jews, though i doubt the US would have let them but anyway that land isnt there's simple as, what they did was and is illegal under international law. Why the fuck should the Palestines stop, they have nothing to lose
12 years ago
Reading? Wtf? I didnt come here to read
12 years ago
The first casualty of the war is the truth. The alleged incident involving the capture, not kidnapping, of the Israeli soldiers occurred on the Lebanese side of the border, not the Israeli side.

Furthermore, the San Francisco Chronicle recently ran an article saying the Israeli invasion of Lebanon had been planned for over a year. Do you really think we can trust the news coming out of Israel?
12 years ago
Who cares about International Law?
A real watcher of Jewery http://www.warfolly.com/kaminski/ziophobia.html
Isreals gift to Lebanon http://fromisraeltolebanon.info/
12 years ago
do you really think we can trust the news comming out of the united states...remeber the U.S support what the Israeli's are doing...

***News flash*** poltical propeganda controlls most majoir news networks that have any affilation to nbc, or cnn etc...bascially any newspaper or news network (local or international) get there stories from a wire net work - a non-public network where information from on sight or correspondent reporters can upload there stories soo they may be bought and published by their parent companies

...it doesnt really matter where you live, in north america every newscast or published paper is more than likely getting their info from the same source, its just the words you read arranged differently (bascially the writer decides how they want YOU to see the story)

...oh and i left out the part where local news stations/papers often buy stories from larger multi national corperations like cnn and nbc (bascially sloppy bias seconds)
12 years ago
try comparing stories from several international news networks if you really wana TRY and start understanding things...

I look at it this way...only high ranking members of the governments involved really know whats going on...out side of that, i try not to form an opinion
12 years ago
and yea flame me for tripple posting but if you want a HALF DECENT news sorce bbc is usually pretty good, but dont reley soley on them
12 years ago
Some things are quite easy to understand. Israel is fighting a war of aggression in which hundreds of civilians are being killed. Israel has invaded its neighbor to the north, Lebanon, driving 700,000 civilians into refugee status & dropping bombs on them in an indiscriminate manner. Israel has killed vacationing tourists from Canada, France & Brazil. Israel has bombed a Red Cross vehicle, killing the driver.
Israel damages the National Security of the US. It's time to cut all economic funding for this Terrorist State. Yes cut the 7 billion a year. Leave Israel to fend for herself.
12 years ago
hey visitor no matter which side laid down their weapons there would be peace 'cause there is so much hatred over there that the side with weapons would wipe out the ather side
12 years ago
all of you whom think that if palestine lays down what little arms it actually has will bring peace should kill themselves. soldiers are not kidnaped they are fucking captured and anyway, why the fuck is isreal bombing an entire country for 2 fucking soldiers and killing hundreds? because isreal is an asshole country and that why no country in the world likes them. so all of you who think isreal is proper and just, go fuck yourself.
12 years ago
Amazing how "the Thruth" is as one sided and slanted against the country that has kicked Arab ass in numerous wars that Arabs initiated, has dealt with near daily bombings in the last how many years and have traded "land for peace" which has, once again, failed to result in peace. I won't say Israel shoulders no blame but as long as shit heads like Iran call for the destruction of Israel, I am on the side of the Jews. As long as Jewish soldiers are kidnapped for no reason, I am on the side of the Jews. As long as Hamas and the other sand nigger factions are lobbing artillery and rockets on Israel, I am on the side of the Jews. When Israel finally reaches their breaking point and turns Tehran and Syria into glass, I will be on the side of the Jews.

Fuck the full of shit Arabs and fuck any of you who think Israel is fully to blame for this shit.
12 years ago
I like cake :)
12 years ago
Fuz, you are a complete idiot!
"Whats happening is similar to nothern Ireland except it was much longer ago that the British took
the land" - First of all Israel didnt "take the land". The land was given to Israel by the UN when it
split Palestine in 1947.

"Imagine what Ireland would be like had the British took the same route as the Jews, though i doubt the US would have let them but anyway that land isnt there's simple as" - lol I really love the "doubt the US would have let them" part, seriously AMEEEEEERICA... FUCK YEH!.. COMING AGAIN TO SAVE THE MOTHERFUCKING DAY YEAH! What could the US of done to stop England from doing whatever the fuck it wanted in ireland?England was occupying Ireland before the US even existed, then after the US was formed It wasnt untill the 20th centurys slow dismantling of the English empire before the US became the worlds superpower. Dont get me wrong I do like/respect the US military, but idiots like you that think that the US is invincible and have the responsibility of being the "World Police" give me the shits

The only recent world event that you can compare with what Israel is doing in lebanon is the U.S. invasion of Afganistan
1.They got attacked by a terrorist organisation in a foreign country
2.They Ignored the rest of the worlds pleas not to go to war
3.They bombed/are bombing the fuck out of the country that was harboring the terrorists

Now thats far more reason for war than the whole "harboring weapons of mass destruction" excuse than that was used for the Iraqi war! Why should Israel not defend itself? Its up the Palestinians and the Lebanese to stop the violence! The lebanese people should exhile the Hamas organisation and its supportors, they deserve getting bombed if there going to allow a known terrorist group thrive in their country! The Palestinians should just give up and stop trying to attack Israel! They should accept its existance and learn to be happy with the amount of land they have left. Its just obvious that if you continuously provoke someone much bigger and more powerful than you eventualy you will get your face kicked in! Its like me following Kimbo Slice around and sucker punching him in the back of the head every chance i got, how long do you think it would take before Kimbo got the shits and would replace my teeth with his fist?
Its about time Israel stopped being a pussy and fixed the problem! good on them!
Seriously Fuz, do you even know where Israel is? :P

12 years ago
Though I don't refute there might be the same problem you point out, I believe the Lebanese currently have their biggest problem with <Hizbullah> whilst Hamas, though coming from terrorist origins, was allegedly voted in fairly by the Palestinians.

Your simple solution should be lauded but that in itself is where it falls down, it's not that simple. There's a lot more interference behind the scenes from other countries and organisations which make it more than a question of simply the will of the people. If you put it forward as an idealistic solution, fine but a realistic one, no.
12 years ago
Whoops yours right, that should of been Hizbullah instead of hamas! Wrote the wrong thing sorry.
And i agree my solution wouldnt work due to the simplicity of the solution and the situation being much more complex! I wasnt being 100% serious with that part and yes i should of said that it was an idealistic solution. In all realism i have no clue how this conflicts going to be resolved because atm anything could happen. Just as long as I get to see plenty of videos of the violence i shall be happy :) nothing better than seeing the middle east get blown apart! Good luck to the victor!
12 years ago
know about Irish history. What i meant was when the troubles really started in the 70's in Northen Ireland and the IRA was bombing and killing the British and its soldiers for years, what would of happend had the British taken the same route as the Jews and started blowing the shit out of Derry and Armagh and coming into the south of Ireland. What i meant by the US not letting them was that at the time their was very strong Irish connections in the US's previous governmnts and wouldnt have allowed it. Only this administration now see's the IRA as a terrorist group and has banned any fund raising from Irish-American bisnesmen and politicions in the US, dip shit.

Palestinians are living in concentration camp like conditions because the country cant trade with other countrys or its people work or get their children proper educations. Fuck you your probly a jew, dont give a fuck who gave them the land it wasnt right and they have a right to fight for it. The US only put them there so they can have a good run at the Arabss should shit kick off.

12 years ago
also people who think there is a land for peace thing going on over there is retarded. the jews are giving land back but then they take some from other places. that just shows how much u fucking know "monkeyfuck". fucking dipshit.
12 years ago
Jackie poo- why must you always talk dirty before you take it up the ass, Jew hater? The reason Israel "takes land back" is because cunts like Hamas and His-ball-uh are lobbing artillery into their sovereign nation. Are you suggesting that if Canada suddenly decided to throw artillery into Michigan or Wisconsin the US would just sit around and pick their ass and let it happen? YOU are the "fucking dipshit" Jackie poo- Pick up a book sometime and learn how to think a little bit. A whole new world of higher quality women (or men, you fag) will make itself available to you if you can throw together a few words to form a coherent, quasi-lucid thought. Until then, keep drinking gravy by the cup ful and let the grown ups talk, ass.
12 years ago
By the way, people "are" not "is", retard. And Israel is not full of only Jews. Arabs live there; Germans live there, Argentineans live there. Even a few Vietnamese live there- I know, I had Pho with them in their kibbutz. So, once again, do some research before you call someone a "dip shit" or advise them that they are "retarded." Otherwise you just become yet another member of the "Dumber Than a Sock Full of Whale Shit" Club.
12 years ago
I think the taking land back point refers to consolidation of larger settlements in the West Bank which technically are illegal in regards to the agreements laid down after the 1967 war. The idea, at least before the current escalation, was to withdraw from Gaza and smaller illegal settlements in the West Bank and instead enlarge the big illegal settlements in the West Bank. All part of the unilateral withdrawl that Sharon was championing (Ariel not Stone).
12 years ago

The much-touted Israeli desire for "peace" is equivalent to that of the American government: Completely non-existent. After all, peace is nothing but a nagging inconvenience which stands in the way of conquest and world domination. Far better PR for the oppressor to appear threatened so that its actions might so better be justified.

Anyone who believes that the latest Israeli strikes against Lebanon (let's not forget the ceaseless Israeli crusade against those pesky, oppressive Palestinian civilians, the slaughter of whom the latest Lebanese attacks have so conveniently eclipsed from world view) are even remotely related to their sincere, heart-felt desire to reunite two innocent captive Israeli soldiers with their families is simply mentally challenged [obscure reference: Retarded].

Just as the US used 9/11™ as an excuse of convenience to illegally invade Iraq (a battle plan that was in the works for more than a year prior to 9/11™ against a country that had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11™ and posed no physical threat whatsoever to America [albeit whose US-backed-and-chemically-armed resident rogue dictator possessed the audacity to stray from the directives of his US handlers] but which just coincidentally happened to possess a whole shit-load of sweet, sweet crude oil), so too has Israel used the rather convenient capture of two of its (completely disposable and absolutely insignificant) military pawns as an excuse for yet another lopsided attack against those who stand in the way of the illegal Israeli occupation of neighboring lands (read: "buffer zone") and the expulsion (read: "eradication") of non-Jews. As usual, it is the civilian enemies of Zion that suffer the most, but Israel has but to utter the word "Holocaust" and the world shuts the fuck up and lets them do what they want.

I'm beginning to think that Hitler wasn't anti-semitic at all. He was merely a facilitator. I suspect that he was contracted by the Zionists to advance their ultimate goal. After all, the sacrifice of a few (million) must not stand in the way of the ultimate goal: World Domination.

Just some food for thought. Chew thoroughly and discuss. Ich bin nicht verklemmt, aber ist beteiligt mir (hope I said that right). Hate me for my opinions if you must, but at least throw some URLs my way to try to dissuade me of my (supposedly biased) opinions. I am an intelligent man (read: "hairless ape") and am open to the views of others [who are not stupid enough to accept FoxNEWS as gospel – the rest of you trailer fucks can piss off and procreate with your second cousins, as you are so often wont to do].
12 years ago
Chair- While I am not certain of your facts I do see that you have at least a rational thought on it.

lurch- well written but not agreed with- although I did laugh at the trademarked 9/11. Prepare to have your eyes bleed from reading a long counter post from a "quasi-FOX News watching DOUBLE WIDE trailer fuck."

To say the American government does not "desire" peace is accurate in SOME ways but your applying this statement to the general is not logical. There are conditions in which peace is not desired for legitimate reasons. I am a peaceful person but I am willing to become "other than peaceful" if I am threatened. I "desire" that punk assholes would leave me alone but on the rare chance that one would attack me, then I have a choice between remaining peaceful and getting my ass kicked/killed or resorting to violence and doing what I can to protect my ass/life. Because I don't "desire" fighting, it doesn't mean I won't when I have to.

I will grant yout that my above analogy does not fully apply on a 1:1 basis to the global/political level but please recognize as an example of doing what you don't want to do because you have to.

Now, I am not about to say I support every single war in which the US has been involved. WWII is a no brainer- we were attacked. The other wars of the 20th Century were ones where we got ourselves involved, either to help out a friend (France in WWI) or to "contain Communism" in Korea and Vietnam. I am not about to say teh Gulf War(s) were NOT about oil as I truly believe that it had something to do with the decision to go to war- but only PART of the decision. Was it ALL about oil? No. Was the current war ALL about WMD in Iraq? No. WMD WAS a BIG part of it but not the sole reason. (No, I am not an apologist for Bush)

So what does this have to do with Israel invading Lebanon? Thumbnail version is that Lebanon is the unwilling host of Hezbollah and Hamas cells. The Lebanese government (as it were) is not strong enough to get them off of their soil themselves and so they are kind of stuck with them- kinda like my family is stuck with Uncle Bob the Drunk. Meanwhile, the unwanted guests in Lebanon are fed and clothed by two other foreign entities- enter Iran and Syria. Iran has repeatedly announced they want to remove Israel from the planet Earth. Iran is feeding Hezbollah who is next door to Israel jumping across the border to kidnap two "completely disposable and absolutely insignificant" Israeli citizens. So Israel has a neighbor who is housing a group who has repeatedly used violence against them, is supported by a group that has repeatedly stated they Israel gone and they have now come across sovereign border to kill and kidnap citizens.
Ever hear that song by Kenny Rogers about a kid who is pushed and pushed and pushed and he finally fights back? Well, here we have it on a geopolitical scale. Hezbollah and friends have pushed and pushed and pushed and now Israel is pushing back.

Again, suppose Canada came across our border and killed US citizens and dragged some back to Ontario? Suppose this happened after years of Canandians and Newfies saying they want America gone and they want to destroy the USA. Suppose Canada starts to kill random US citizens with missles and artillery? Would teh US not be entitled to punch them back and let them know they had best knock it off before they get their asses kicked? If so, then why are you saying Israel does not have the right to do the same thing? Because they are mostly Jews? Because they are "milking the Holcaust thing"? Because their neighboring Arabs don't want them there? Where is the reasoning behind your NOT wanted Israel to defend itself?

Not a flame session, just trying to figure out where "you people" are coming from on what I consider to be a very clear issue.
12 years ago
Fuz, For some reason everytime you click that "Add" button at the bottom of the screen you emphasise how stupid you really are! Yet again im going to break down what you say to prove that you have the equivalent inteligence of my cock.

"What i meant by the US not letting them was that at the time their was very strong Irish connections in the US's previous governmnts and wouldnt have allowed it. Only this administration now see's the IRA as a terrorist group and has banned any fund raising from Irish-American bisnesmen and politicions in the US, dip shit." LOL how stupid can you be, What(If anything) does that have to do with what I said? I asked what could the U.S. of done to stop England, not some random fact about the U.S administration seeing the IRA as a terrorist organisation!

"Palestinians are living in concentration camp like conditions because the country cant trade with other countrys or its people work or get their children proper educations." - If Israel had no sanctions placed on palestine it would only lead to the palestinians recieving countless weapons which would be used against Israel. Why should Israel allow there enemys the chance to get weapons that would be used against them? Im not saying the sanctions are a good thing, but from Israels perspective they are a necessity to protect themselves.

"Fuck you your probly a jew" lol actualy I'm not jewish, but why do you have so much hostility to the jews? If i was a jew would it make what I said any different? Even if i was a jew it still wouldn't change the fact of you being an idiot! I think the reason you hate jews so much is because your mum/girlfriend prefers a cut cock to yours.

"dont give a fuck who gave them the land it wasnt right and they have a right to fight for it." - Do you even read what you type? Who "dont give a fuck"? You? me? The Palestinians? "and they have a right to fight for it" so who has the right to fight for what? really if your going to talk about a subject like this you need to be able to convey simple information! I will cypher what you said and I assume that you dont give a fuck who gave "them"(Israel) the land, Because it wasnt fair on the Palestinians so they now have the right to become terrorists and blow up innocent Israelies? Well if that is the case then Israel should have the right to go to any means to defend its land seeing that the Palestinians have the right to fight for it.

"The US only put them there so they can have a good run at the Arabss should shit kick off." - I'm gonna be 100% serious now... Are you retarded?Like really are you?
If you sincerelly beleive that the US created Israel after everything that has been said on this thread you need to seek professional help. The UN gave the jews the land so they would have a place that to call home, in simple terms it was there way of saying sorry for not doing anything about the holocaust. The US only had 1/56th of the say seeing that they were only one of 56 nations that voted in the 1947 UN partition plan. Really Fuz, the more you say the bigger the idiot you become...... DIPSHIT :P lol
12 years ago
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