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Dr. Rima Laibow - Constitution Defense = Terrorists

Dr. Rima Laibow illustrates from an FBI educational brochure how the U.S. Constitution has been undermined for the stated purpose of identifying potential domestic terrorists.


by RyogaVee

submitted July 24th 2006

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WTF!!!! An example of what lies ahead for the good ol' USSA. If Im not mistaken the constitution is supposed to be defended. Correct me if I'm wrong.
12 years ago
It's nice to highlight a couple of points to state your case but it would be interesting to see them in context of all the other points you can clearly see above and below the selected ones.
12 years ago
Ok. Dr. Rima Laibow, MD says the US has "now become those same oppressors" that the soviets were when they started to drug political dissidents. Ok. Number one. Does she cite any factual evidence? Does she point out specific times this has occurred? Does she have any FUCKING EVIDENCE?

Wow, she talks about a brochure from ARIZONAs office of counter terrorism citing extremists. Then she makes a quick leap from that to saying the government wants to now drug those people and profit from it. Ok, so where is the evidence? Where is the document saying that? Where are the cases this has occurred already? Does she cite any? Does she give any one flipping clue as to how and where this is occurring? Why is she seemingly the ONLY psychiatrist that's in on this information? Dont you think other people in the psychiatric community would know about this and be shown in the video? Dont you think they would be LEADING figures instead of some fucking grad student from 'Albert Einstien Med school.'???

nice post ryoga. you have a nice growing flock of sheep for your stupid ass political conspiracy videos. *hem* enbeezy.

12 years ago
^^K-Billy hope you have a good life dude. Seriously. Ive never seen such a blind follower since the times of Nazi Germany. Its amazing.
12 years ago
Its plausable to imagine the sort of stuff your government will do to keep its hold on the US, even future presidents will more than likely be hand picked to keep everything just the way they want it.
12 years ago
Sorry not the government, the people who control it from behind the scenes, like presidents come and go its seems things are getting worse with each one.
12 years ago
@K-Billy - political conspiracy videos??? i just posted something that was fact. i cant make up documents.
12 years ago
And as we all know, documents can never be forged with a program like Microsoft Word, PhotoShop or Adobe Acrobat.

*cough*Dan Rather*cough*
12 years ago
What happend to the WTC vid?
12 years ago
Fact? There was not one shred of evidence in that entire video that tied together the entire train of what she was saying! It was all suggestion! This video was like watching a clip from Outerlimits on sci-fi as far as I am concerned.

Oh, and yes enbeeswax, i am such a blind follower just because i am not a sheep like you are to these piece of shit conspiracy vids! How about this: I do not live in the constant state of fear that you do and I have a quite nice life not believing the political propaganda as you do. Alluring that I am a nazi is not going to help you to defeat me logically in these forums.
12 years ago
Kill Bill i just happen to read your previous post on this website. All of your follow up post are never facts but ignorant propaganda and insults. So this is prob the last reply you hear from me, concerning anything you upload or post. I hope your right about everything you say, because if what I believe in, happens to be true, this country will become a shit hole, all thanks to good ol boys like you.
12 years ago
So Enbezzy, are you suggesting that K-Billy is a Harvard or Yale graduate?
The last time I checked it was wealthy little cockmonkeys from those places who were really destroying America.

You can blame it on 'Good ol boys' if'n it makes you feel better, however you're really just burying your head in the sand like a good little citizen and doing what the propaganda is instructing you to do.
12 years ago
Enbeezy, it would be an honor if you ignore me. You will be going the way of TiredGuy and NBSP or whatever the fuck his acronym name was. Savage still shoots something my way every once in a while but still. Bye Bye! Dont let the door hit you on the way out! Perhaps you can make a filter to filter out all the shit you dont want to read, or cannot respond to. LOLZTG. I almost feel sorry for you! Have fun with your head in the sand, and be sure to regurgitate that propaganda thats ingrained into your soul as best you can. I mean, i think i do a pretty good job of it myself.
12 years ago
12 years ago
Hey! Don't be mean to ritch people, or we'll take your house away!
12 years ago
obviously educated by some of those illustrious polish professors.
12 years ago
America is becoming a monster. Good. Who needs evidence when it's farting in your face. I can't wait till we become the complete facist government everyone fears us to be. Then we can do away with fueding little twits, over population, too much freedom for the mistake that is the human being.
Here put this uniform on.
And watch your fucking mouth.
God is walking through his garden.
12 years ago
America? HAHAHAH oh wow.
12 years ago
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