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Cornstarch flamethrower

A flamethrower that uses cornstarch as fuel


by Rollo_Tomasi

submitted December 30th 2014

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just for this, i will call you george
3 years ago
...and upvote and downvote every alternative rollo sub, regardless
3 years ago
I think mythbusters said that non dairy creamer works better. DONT HALF ASS your FLAME THROWER
3 years ago
Coal dust would work better.

The explosions cause by said dust are just......

3 years ago
Works with normal flour too
3 years ago
You guys jelly of my wisdom ---------------------^
3 years ago
Whining about stfus is very unbecoming of a veteran
3 years ago
You suck.
3 years ago
Well that's just a given.
3 years ago
I need one of those for my BBQ grill.
3 years ago
And this is why we will win the great war against the dune coons
3 years ago
Looks like I have my next week end project selected.
3 years ago
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