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Neil Boortz on the Peaceful religion of Islam

Neil is fed up with Islam apparently, and he's got something to say about it. I am sure he will be dismissed as just a fanatic nut himself. But if your gonna call someone a nut, I guess it would be a good thing if you've actually listened to something he's said first.


by K-Billy

submitted July 24th 2006

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Neil Boortz is a cyborg from hell. He told the caller to listen to the tv news, read the newspaper. Well if Mr. Boortz takes his head out of his ass for once he would know that American coporate media is so biased that it is borderline racist propaganda. He is obviously a Zionist lapdog and should be hung from a bridge.
12 years ago
Apparently he's a believer of freedom of speech and is outraged at the attempted censorship by intimidation from some muslims groups yet he's quite prepared to interrupt and then put someone on hold so he can get the first shot in and condemn anti-semitic cartoons.

Nice to see he accuses him of taking a particular line of defence when in actual fact the caller didn't even get the chance to start.

I don't know what news he chooses or doesn't choose to follow but I usually hear rather vocal condemnation of such acts. What gets said in private may be another matter.

Every year plenty gets done in the name of a bunch of religions around the world, naturally people disown the people on the "fringes" of their faith. I don't hear evangelicals condemning the acts of the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda every Sunday.

When I heard that Salman Rushdie quote it was remarkable how close that critcism applied itself also to Christianity and Judaism.
12 years ago
wow, what a lunatic..... no wonder people wanna kill him
12 years ago
Hang on a moment Enbezzy.. ONLY Fox news is biased.
100% True!
I read it on this very site.
12 years ago
Finaly, somebody gets it right.

If Islam keeps attacking they will create more people like Neil Boortz and the holy war will begin.

I don't think Arabs, with their 3rd grade educations, understand that they wont win that war.
12 years ago
Well COTB, if you had listened to the whole video, then you would have heard Boortz say why he cut him off. And I dont know what news you follow, but I have yet to hear such vocal condemnation from Muslims. Period.

He is clearly making a point on the cartoon drawing the danish news did about Mohammad. Perhaps if you had listened to the whole video, you would know he was not expecting christian "evangelicals condemning the acts of the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda every Sunday." That was not his point.

He was merely pointing out the outrageous Muslim response to the cartoon, when in contrast, there are a thousand other Muslim atrocities much worse. Fucking France got sacked for heavens sake! The Muslim world was in uproar, over a fucking cartoon! But yet, all these other things go on untouched. Fuck those towel head fucks. I am just glad someone can say it. Boortz is awesome.

And enbeezy, why dont you go fuck your Osama poster a while longer. The guy is lonely, and needs friends like you.
12 years ago
I never heared of him before, but why doesnt it surprise me that such a total nutjob has his own radio show in the US ^^

12 years ago
But anyhow some of it is true I guess.
Even if there're also a lot of modern moslems in the world where the women dont even have to wear headscarfs etc...
12 years ago
The whole transcript wasn't heard. Later Neal allowed the man to talk. You only heard the first part.
12 years ago
I in fact did listen to all of what is presented here which is why I point out the irony of accusing people of trying to restrict freedom of speech whilst he put someone on hold to do so first. Granted its his radio show and he can do what he wants but the hypocracy remains.

I follow news agencies where one is able to hear and read at least the public condemnation by various mullahs, imams and muftis (or translations to that effect) along with what the media is able to report on their more private utterances.

You seem to want me to listen to everything again when you'd rather not re-read what I wrote to save yourself the hassle. He asks where is the outrage in the Muslim world, I asked where is the outrage in the Christian world and provided a very ongoing example of what the Christian world should be outraged about if they expect every Muslim to be outraged about acts attributed to their side.

I cannot exactly be blamed for misinterpreting what is going on if this is in fact an incomplete recording when nothing suggests that what we see here is incomplete in the first place.
12 years ago
a couple days ago i was listenin to penn radio, they had a special guest on....trey parker....he brought up how in the superbest friends episode you see muhammad.....oh heres a harmless plug http://www.pennradio.com/
12 years ago
Yeah, like Mr. Boortz said: one of these days we're going to get fed up and slap that Islam around. Show em who's boss! We're just waiting till they really piss us off.

Wow, this dude really has it figured out. Because that strategy is working so well in Iraq. And America and all of its rock-solid, never say die, western allies are really in a position to take on even more. Yeah, we'll turn Islam into the new communism and root it out of our culture. What an ignorant fuck-wit.

What underlies his hubris is a real fear. The realization that his culture (right-wing, white, Christian patriarchy) is SURROUNDED by brown people. Since he's what he is, he can only conceive of cultural interaction in militarized terms (who is dominant, who is winning "the fight"). That pendulum is going to have to swing the other way sooner or later, and if we think of the world in those terms, that does not bode well for western boys like us.

And another thing: How the fuck would you yokels know what is being condemned, or not, in Muslim comunities? Go to a lot of mosques and Islamic culture centers to listen in, do we? I don't presume to know, and since I don't know, I keep my fucking mouth shut about it. I've known plenty of Muslims and have never found a single one of them to be unreasonable people, beyond whatever personal idiosycrasies they might have had. You don't see the moderate Muslims around you BECAUSE THEY ARE MODERATE. They are normal folks who don't bring up Muslim extremists because they don't want to get assholes like this Boortz started.

I'm a white, north american, male who grew up fairly priviledged, and I don't accept the argument that I have to justify the attrocities that my ancestors had to commit to put in that position. I also don't accept that I have to justify what others of my cultural class are doing with themselves. How can I expect someone else to justify terrorism just because their faith happens to be "the same?"

Fucking half-wits.
12 years ago
When was the last time Christians burned a city because of a cartoon Chairman? Thats all I am pointing out, and thats all he is really saying. Boortz is pointing out the irony of what Muslims as a whole choose to be outraged upon. Just because he doesnt want to waste his air time with yet another Muslim who is outraged at what Boortz is saying, he is trampling on that guys rights and thats hypocritical? You seem to keep bringing up that Christians are not on a whole outraged at that other Christians are doing in the world. Therefore, this rant by boortz in nul.

I seem to think that christian groups are outraged all the time about stem cell research, gay marriage, and those fucks that picket funerals. I dont seem to remember them KILLING anyone yet over those things listed. Actually, we have a very good group that's outraged all the time for the Christians. It's something that's called Amnesty International. You get get your pulse on the atrocities in the world at whole with that group. But lets take your example of atrocity being made in the name of Christianity, you cite Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda. They fight for one thing that's Christian. The ten commandments. Wow! That makes them through and thru Christians all right! Wait a minute! Perhaps not. Commandment one: Thou shalt not kill. Hmm.. seems they exist only for killing. They also take concubines. That dead give away they are not christian. The LRA abducted young girls as sex and labor slaves. Not quite christian either! This group can hardly be called Christian. Want to name another one? Or is that one the best you got?

I have the proof that when a cartoon was published with the picture of Mohammad a whole city was sacked and people were killed in the name of Islam. It seems to you the only way Boortz would be justified in saying what he is saying is if Christian groups all over the world were expressing outrage at such rebel terror groups like the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda.

And balls, you dont know how well that strategy has worked in Iraq because you choose to not follow anything thats good coming out from there. Great strides have been made.
12 years ago
^You forgot about the anti abortianists, they're christian extremists.. And they kill people
12 years ago
NO religion is BAD or EVIL.

It is what MEN do in the NAME of religion that IS.

I would have thought that you people would have figured that out by now.
12 years ago
You are right fuz, but last I heard of one of those things happening was years ago. you are bound to get a few bad apples from time to time, but if I remember correctly, the christian community was non to happy about it, and thats probably why i havent heard of another incident for quite some time.

And you are right about that to some extent Itchy balls man. But when in your religion states that if you do not convert the infidels to Islam, they must be murdered, and out there in the world is a group or groups who wholeheartedly follow this doctrine you have a problem on your hands.

You could say that Christians have the same outlandish shit in the bible, and it does in some places. But it's been a long time since the Crusades and burning people at the stake. Christianity has since reformed and gotten better in most of it's ways.

Islam is still a very barbaric and a very murderous religion. And their are plenty of people proving my point as we speak.
12 years ago
my only problem with religion is that you shouldnt be able to change it, who are you to change gods word.......if god says kill this guy because hes workin on sunday than do it.........the down side is everyone will see how crazy you are and wont be gettin anymore of theyre money......so they had to change it around a bit, its fun to look around and see why things were changed though....you guys have any web links for that?
12 years ago
Religions are for weak minded sheep to begin with. I suggest everyone takes a lesson from of the N. American and S. American indians: Take some heavy hallucinagens and get to know yourself.
12 years ago
i just love hannah-barbera cartoons, don´t you??
12 years ago
K-Billy - Lets examine that '...convert infidels to Islam or they must die' concept.

Here's my point.

The book that line is from was written by the hands of men.
Those men had evil, corrupted hearts and they knew damn well that they would be the cause of so much pain and misery thousands of years down the road.
They knew that by writing those words they could get people to commit murder in the name of that religion. That in my book IS the very essence of Evil.

The hands of corrupt men turned religion (which when left to it's own devices is not a bad thing) into a tool of war, murder, greed, control, rape, and countless other wicked deeds.

The blame for evil lies 100% with the human heart (or lack there of) and not at all with any religion. Again, as I said - It's not religion that is the problem...it's US.

It is a real shame that mankind is so willing to destroy itself over man made concepts of a being so far beyond our comprehension that we cannot even wrap our little monkey brains around it.

"They say there is just enough religion in the world to make men hate one another but not enough to make them love one another." - Lucifer: Angel Heart.
12 years ago
amen!!!! the world would probally be peaceful with out that damned religion destroying lifes.
12 years ago
Religious pogroms conducted by Christians have started from almost nothing in parts of South-East Asia.
12 years ago
Some of the crap that the angry man said was right, some of it was wrong, we didn't really get to hear what the Islam man said, but who am I to argue? I didn't know that a French city was burned to the ground over that newspaper cartoon, but I do know that to great South Park episodes were made. Cowabunga, mother fuckers.
12 years ago
Human beings are the problem. We need to wipe ourselves out. Thank you and fuck you for your time.
12 years ago
Both Islam and Christianity condone murder in their holy texts.
However if you believe in either, you'll choose to ignore this fact and decide that actually your religion is ethical.
12 years ago
I choose to ignore that. Christianity is ethical.
12 years ago
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