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Is his Norwegian any good?

native speakers... eh, speak up!


by stechkin

submitted December 8th 2014

what do you think? let everyone know!
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Fuck you, unibrow faggot
4 years ago
Oh wow, another comment from sprinkles, imagine that, what do you do in between comments? Run around in the street screaming LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME PAY ATTENTION TO ME! You try to control every thread on every sub like some fat little bully that hasn't got the the brains to realize that no one is paying attention to you.. or cares what you have to say. You are a stale joke of an attention whore, now go ahead and do your normal and call me a pedo and any other of your routine bullshit the rest of the members have come to expect of you, then take over this thread running your mouth with inane comments every time someone else makes one. Seems to me you have done a very good job at pissing everybody else here off to the point that they don't bother to comment anymore, or try and have a conversation with anybody because you have to interpost to be the queen of attention.
4 years ago
Run out of kiddie porn to fap to?

Nice rage paragraph

4 years ago
Thanks for proving me right, I knew you would
4 years ago
Good, because making a pedophile happy was #3 on my to-do list today
4 years ago
You're never going to shake it, pedo-boy...
4 years ago
You want the thread? It's all yours, like I said, it's not like anybody gives a fuck what you have to say anyways. Have fun talking to yourself.
4 years ago
You just go ahead and chafe your dick over some kiddie porn some more, st_akamelvin

Fuck you and your 23 gigs of child porn
4 years ago
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