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Plane And Helicopter Collide



by yak

submitted July 22nd 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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Was hoping for mid-air. I was disappointed.
12 years ago
You have to wonder what was going through that pilot's mind to let such a thing happen. Unless of course the helicopter pilot was doing his wife.
12 years ago
He cant see shit in front of him,thats why those planes have to be taxied while doing zig-zags.
12 years ago
"Really", thank you.. finally someone that gets it.
12 years ago
no... you can push "w" and panels dissapear.
12 years ago
Shit happens!
12 years ago
good one cosak.
12 years ago
or you can push "s" 3 times and watch yourself taxi from outside.
12 years ago
poor p-51 mustang
12 years ago
Really- or they could do it like the old Thunderbolts and have a guy on the wing guiding you.

Hope the guy was insured.
12 years ago
Old. Too lame to reply.

Holy fuck I'm too late!


Beat ya! SNARF!
12 years ago
i dont think any pilot is dumb enough to do that so im just gonna take a guess and say those are RC
12 years ago
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