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Toothy Fish

So like... is the fisherman the missing link to this fish?


by yak

submitted July 22nd 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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"when ah find out what it is, im gonna go put my pee pee in it and luv it likr my cosin mark."
12 years ago
fuck that inbred hick and his cousin who played the jibber jabby jargon talkin football coach in the movie waterboy. fuck them.
12 years ago
Sometimes natural selection goes horribly awry. Like when it creates a fish that's perfectly pan-shaped, or a dude who talks like an in-bred eunuch.
12 years ago
I think hormone therapy is in order as soon as he sells the thousands of fish they talk about .... and the trailer home.
12 years ago
LOL @ HIS VOICE, I thought it was a hickchickbitch, inbreed mofo.

12 years ago
That man had his nuts munched off by the fish
12 years ago
Sounds like mr hanky the christmas poo, or towely.

You guys wanna get high and brush our teeth....oh wait we dont have teeth the fish does.
12 years ago
I was gonna say the same thing encryptor, just like towley.
12 years ago
Yep, Most definately.
"Its the tune of 'Funky Town.."
12 years ago
We had two of these way back in the days when the pacu's were just inches. they can grow huge with a large aquarium and they pretty much eat anything. in their native amazon they eat nuts we fed them peanuts regularly before the tank broke (it was huge like an 8 ft long tank) and that was that. they never got to maturity like the one in the video but they were at least a foot long.
12 years ago
soooo let me get this straight...

...the guy who caught the fish is proof of why you SHOULDN't have sex with your sister?
12 years ago
Hi de hoe
12 years ago
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