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Liquid Nitrogen Into a Pool

Would be kinda fun to do at a pool party.


by yak

submitted July 22nd 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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Would be crazy cool if it like froze the first few inches.
12 years ago
A bit more liquid nitrogen and some unsuspecting swimmers and you'd have the pick of their wallets and phones.
12 years ago
fuck the chairman of the bored for never making sense.
12 years ago
a bit more nitrogen and a lot less swimmers and you'll have a watch of this phones and wallets.
12 years ago
^^I thought you didnt want to visit this site anymore?!

A bit more liquid nitrogen and I could crap in the pool again without someone noticing it.
12 years ago
Where'd these niquers get liquid nitrogen?
12 years ago
Those onlookers were fucking insane
12 years ago
Let's get a shot of the crowd here....
Rend Al Thor
Chairman of the bored
fuck sancho
Mr. Magoo
12 years ago
and Me too!
12 years ago
12 years ago
"all you crazy on-lookers" haha
12 years ago
uhm....surely liquid nitrogen would have like...fucked him up even with those stupid mitten things he had on. that was probably dry ice...that you can get from clubs and shit....it does that when you throw it into water...it IS cool...but it doesnt freeze the water...liquid nitrogen would have frozen a bit of it. its just something mildly cool tarted up to sound better than it is.
12 years ago
NerdCon was at where, Teh Gheylord Texan?
12 years ago
BITCH! Spelled my name wrong! You shall die for this...
12 years ago
God I wish he would have tripped and landed face first in that bowl.

And would y'all please start spelling Winona's name correctly. It's disrespectful.
12 years ago
umm tommeh....funny thing about ice is its solid dumbass, the LIQUID in the bowl was obviously LIQUID nitrogen and it all evaporated when it hit the water (ie the cloud) and no, you can carry it in a bowl, with a towel without fucking youself up, just not for long and no, its not gonna freeze anything in the pool, maybe lower the temp a few degrees, but thats it. the guy that jumped in was lucky he didnt pass out from lack of oxygen breathing that cloud after he jumped in tho
12 years ago
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