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Self Rolling Joint Paper

Just like nature intended? Not that you could really smoke it tho I suppose.


by yak

submitted July 21st 2006

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um thats just a leaf its not even close to anything related about weed
12 years ago

12 years ago
I dont care if its weed or not. I'll smoke anything.
12 years ago
SBD go smoke some cyanide i hear it gets you blazed as fuck.
12 years ago
Omg thats actually cool you jsut put ur weed in there and wait for it to close then just light that shit smoke that shit pass that shit hahha
12 years ago
"excuse me while i light my spliff, HAA HAA HAAA HAA!"
12 years ago
i think the leaf closed because someone held a fire by it, just watch close at the beginning of the vid.
12 years ago
its a scaredy plant , the leaves fold away from you when you blow on them , then the stem collapses after.


ive got one in the house
12 years ago
Complete opposite of my ballsack... When heated this plant shrivle's...
BALLS : When cold they shrivle.... point being? I don't know how to spell shrivel
12 years ago
who gives a shit!
12 years ago
haha Victorious that was good.
12 years ago
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