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James Earl Jones in the Vader Sessions

"Now get your black ass outta here!"


by Mothh

submitted July 21st 2006

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It had its moments.
12 years ago

This was a classic.
12 years ago
you know, when Hayden became Vader, he loved him the black-talking, pimp action voice of Sam jackson, that's why he CHOSE the motherfuckin' nigga voice...
12 years ago
Funny on a 4th grade level.
12 years ago
funny on a funny level<br>
if you dont like this i dont know whats wrong with you
12 years ago
Her hair looks like honey buns.
12 years ago
"Sit down before you fall down"
I was waiting for, a Timone and Pumbarr line to come through..:)
12 years ago
Pretty funny, the slow spots are understandable when you are drawing from limited stock material. So yes, entertaining.
12 years ago
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