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PONG For Realz!

From the creator of SPACE INVADERS FOR REALZ!


by yak

submitted July 19th 2006

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Why the fuck did i watch both of these things?
12 years ago
^^ good question! this one´s even more boring than the space invaders one!
12 years ago
something to do while waiting for a movie, I guess....

actually, it was more fun playing pong while having the old Commander Keen paused, now that was challenging, dangnamit!!
12 years ago
well atleast peta isn't mad at us
12 years ago
Commander Keen was some serious fun.
12 years ago
That must have takin for ever to do.
12 years ago
That was an equally wasteful, but less entertaining waste of time.
12 years ago
it was done pretty poorly imho tbh ftl
12 years ago
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