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2headed Kitten

You saw the picture probably, heres a video.


by yak

submitted July 19th 2006

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I will kill that boy and steal his awesome cat. I am reminded of the Aquabats song.
12 years ago
OMG!, I had a girlfriend like that. It was sooo draining to have to smack both her mouths when she wouldn't shut up.
12 years ago
Poor Kitty, If one face breathes in while the breathes out that kitty would be screwed for oxygen.

It reminds me of my hearing.....in one ear out the other......well, according to my girlfriend anyway
12 years ago
nope, it's dead...:(
12 years ago
omg a two headed cat.. you could pet one kittys head, and pet the other kittys head
12 years ago
I wanna see it when it is full grown.
12 years ago
never seen a fat ugly reporter before
12 years ago
Sherri Bank....from Philly. She has gotten fatter and fatter over the last 20 years. Funny. AND she is the "health" reporter...the irony.
12 years ago
^i noticed that too. i thought it was pregnancy weight or something
12 years ago
NEXT- we have a horse: born the the head of a dog,... AND the BODY of a dog! ~~~OOOOOOHHHHH~~~
12 years ago
i give 3000 dollars for it.
12 years ago
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