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John Stewart on "Net Neutrality"

I love how the people with the most power in the world are the people who have the least clue.


by yak

submitted July 19th 2006

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Thats even scarier than that bear victim guy.
12 years ago
governments scare me
12 years ago
The old school Windows screensaver was fucking funny
12 years ago
the idea behind net neutrality is even scarier.
12 years ago
Ignorance and Power usually souldnt mix. When they do, thats called Government.

You shouldnt be scared though, because "Knowledge is Power."
12 years ago
John Stewart for president Colbert vice. the end.
12 years ago
John Stewart can't run for president... He's too much of a good job. And big business hasn't put the strings on him yet. Plus, no one under 30 votes anymore; that's like 99.9% of John Stewart's audience.

The only people who vote are confused old people and religous sheep. :)
12 years ago
Stewart sucks! Steven will rise above and tear out his spine!
12 years ago
The Daily Show was great before Stewart made it all political. Another Holywood actor who exploits his fame to promote his ignorance.
12 years ago
The internet will be another victim of the "honest" democrats trying to help the "little guy". By little guy they mean law firms and corrupt unions.

Does anyone know what happened to the Digital Spectrum when Clinton was in office?



It was yours

now it's owned by broadcasters

and you're out $70 Billion

12 years ago
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