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Proof Criss Angel steals his magic from Cyril

We all know all magicians are frauds. Im simply saying his shit is old and nothing new.


by Stephen

submitted July 19th 2006

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that kid is a horrible actor
12 years ago
one more reason to hate criss angel...
12 years ago
Ummm actual there are people who create the illusions and sell them to whoever wants to buy them. Cyril and Chris Angel don't often create their own. So this video proves nothing. Because EVEN if Cyril DID create this illusion and I bet he didn't. Chris Angle seeing it would not tell him how to do it and would of had to BUY it from Cyril. It's not like you can just watch it and go OK we are going to do it. So take you stupid conspiracy video and shove it.
12 years ago
And Chris Angles bird was YELLOW!!!!!!!! jesus, it's not even the same trick if the bird is not the same color.
12 years ago
I hate that kid more than cris angel
12 years ago
Is it just me or does the narrator sound a lot like David Blaine?
12 years ago
Yeah I once saw a magician at Chuck E Cheese rip off a shredded newspaper trick from a magician at a birthday party.

12 years ago
wow, from criss angel to chris angle? you're pretty fucking stupid, theskank.

anyway, notice how many video cuts there are on the criss angel version, it's pathetic.
12 years ago
Oh I'm sorry when I come home from drinking and watch stupid videos on muchosucko I should make sure to spell everthing right. Chris or Criss are both said the same you fucking homo so who gives a fuck. I can't stand you people who give a fuck about that shit.
12 years ago
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