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Good Vibrations

Two chicks going at it (fighting) on a beach!


by yak

submitted July 18th 2006

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ew just the thought of all that salty water that bitch was making her drink was making me cringe.... hahahha
12 years ago
doesn't work when they're clothed.
12 years ago
I have to say that at least when 2 women fight it's generally more vicious.
12 years ago
where is that from?? I'm guessing Brazil, or maybe even Hawaii.
12 years ago
12 years ago
Would you both please stop bitching and start sucking my dick??!
12 years ago
That was great. no assholes yelling annoying shit and no mercy. She fucking tried to drown her.
12 years ago
I think someone needs to make a morons guide to video editing and float it around the web to everyone.... these clips keep ending when the fights get good and I demand that it ends... NOW!
12 years ago
HA! Girls punches feel like getting hit with a donut. Oh.. Stop.. It hurts... Hahahah.
12 years ago
why was the video sped up?

what muscle-affecting disease did the camera operator have that he couldn't hold the camera even remotely steady?

also, that's one of the first fight vids i've seen here without a crowd of douchebags crowding around them, although that little fuck blocks the camera in the end there.
12 years ago
surprise victory
12 years ago
nice one! literally came out on top and even stuck her face underwater!
12 years ago
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