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Beach by runway

here's a view of a jet landing just over their heads. I'd crap my pants... err shorts... if i was on that beach.


by stewieX

submitted July 18th 2006

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man i wish it would crash... hopefully with no ppl inside but just to see the destruciton it would cause
12 years ago
St Maarten Airport, near Puerto Rico.

Thanks fo listening
12 years ago
Not especially interesting, but neither is cottage cheese.
12 years ago
nice thinking to build an airport right next to the beach!
12 years ago
if that thing came in any lower, little johnny would be turned into mincemeat by one of the turbines
12 years ago
that's insane. there is NO margin for pilot error. Talk about nerve-racking for the pilots!
12 years ago
Um, when landing a commercial airliner there is NEVER a margin for pilot error. Besides, the electronics do everything these days. The old saying goes: Airplanes have a man and a dog in the cockpit: The man to feed the dog, and the dog to bite the shit out of the man if he touches anything.
12 years ago
Wow, two colons in one thought/sentence. That's gotta' break some law of the universe.
12 years ago
The smell of burnt JP4 mingling with hot dogs and hamburgers.
12 years ago
I know there are plenty of other beaches you could enjoy, besides all that noise and impending death would ruin my mojo
12 years ago
There's somewhere a video of a jumbo Jet starting at this place, direction off the beach. The people on the beach are blown into the sea,if someone has got it please post it!
12 years ago
12 years ago
It works like this: If the plane suddenly plummets downwards, hits the runway at 400mph+ and then explodes, chances are the pilot was having a go at landing that one.

They have to log so many hours with "manual" touchdowns, but more often than not, the autopilot glides you in, while Captain Over massages his cock in front of the senior stewardess.

Not that you cunts care!

12 years ago
I submitted that video too at the same time Old Granny, but didn't realize it was already on this site: http://www.muchosucko.com/video-747beachbreakup.html
12 years ago
DrFosdick: 400+ MPH, yeh, you fucking ignorant moron.
12 years ago
whats so unreasonable about 400+mph? not hard for that plane... but maybe you are trying to say that the landing speed is around 160mph
12 years ago
priceline.com really screws people dont they?
11 years ago
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