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ask a ninja review of pirates of the caribbean

if you havent seen this site or the movie.........watch it


by junebugg

submitted July 18th 2006

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wow, this guy tries way too hard. lame.
12 years ago
Wow. Even with the ninja, he's horribly gay.

Not worth watching. Especially the theme song.
12 years ago
hehe. that was pretty funny. Too many pirates, im not jsut saying that because I dont like pirates.
12 years ago
The earlier ones suddenly seem better in comparison.
12 years ago
hes gettin sponsored by people now.........like "little man" the movie.....lol.......isnt this the guy who did strongman? sounds alot like him
12 years ago
Well, other than the fact that he's basing the movie on nonsequitor information, the other ninja review poster sometime back was better, and funnier...
12 years ago
12 years ago
i'm not gonna watch this....
12 years ago
I watched the first 30 seconds, this sucks, I bet that guy can't even through a shuriken straight.
12 years ago
this guy is great<br>he does sound like strongbad<br>this wasnt his best work<br>the theme song sucks<br>fucking deal with it
12 years ago
12 years ago
Shockingly accurate.
4 years ago
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