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Very broken leg

It was nice of her to comfort him in his time of need


by Rollo_Tomasi

submitted October 15th 2014

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Nevermind giving him a pillow or something for comfort. Looks like she's waving a tampon in his face
3 years ago
Used tampons are like smelling salts to the Asians.
3 years ago
It looks like she's waving a superglue tube in a threatening manner
3 years ago
you guys obviously know nothing about asian exorcisms.....

she's trying to ban the leg-break demon.
3 years ago
Thats an ammonia styrette shes waving in front of his nose. I'd just let him pass out.
3 years ago
Ammonia inhalant. Syrettes are used to inject liquids.
3 years ago
It's Asia right? It's a tiny fan.
3 years ago
I blame the sandals.
3 years ago
All these Asians and no cameras on at the time to catch what happened?
3 years ago
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