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China Building Demolition

Am I the only person that thinks movies have destroyed our perception of what looks "real"? I mean this is real, but tell me it doesn't look like its on the set of some shitty Godzilla movie?


by yak

submitted July 18th 2006

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why not just tell curious george that they have WMD then the americans will come wereck it for free
12 years ago
stupid japs. they need to learn how the americans do it. you dont blow them from the bottom! you blow them from the top down! But be sure to throw some planes at them first! just ask bush how do to it next time idiots! they probably could have gotten a war from it too!
12 years ago
Why would the Japanese be blowing up buildings in Shenzhen?

They're not kidding when they say near Hong Kong, over that bridge is the border.

I thought they would have firecrackered it to pieces.
12 years ago
Why are the Japs stupid when it is redneck Billy who cant read CHINA (different country and coincidentally different nationalities).
12 years ago
looks like chuck norris hit his toe on the sidewalk.
12 years ago
K-Billy isnt homosexual hes just gay.
12 years ago
it doesn't look like its on the set of some shitty Godzilla movie. here you go.
12 years ago
I dont understand how a movie can be both shitty and about Godzirra. Yak I think somebody might have given you a frontal labotomy when you weren't looking.
12 years ago
Besides, it looks more like old power rangers stuff.
12 years ago
Hmmm two towers.
12 years ago
japs, chinks, canadians whats the difference?

oh, and thanks .ado. for calling me not homosexual, but happy!
12 years ago
nobody likes you billy. go kill yourself and tape it for us.
12 years ago
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