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Another Parking Lot Fight

Either that or by some sort of store.. *shrug*


by yak

submitted July 17th 2006

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Frustration spills over between the couple as they realise they had to undress before attempting to mate.
12 years ago
Love the guy talking smack after spending most of the last 2 minutes getting his ass kicked.

Sounded like a good fight - fucking footage was about as low a quality as your could get and still make out the blurrs.
12 years ago
closet homos.
12 years ago
are people really that bad at using cameras or do they just do it on purpose?
12 years ago
Save $3 when you recycle any ink cartridge.
12 years ago
aw thats so cute<br>theyre kissing!!
12 years ago
"Another Parking Lot Fight
Either that or by some sort of store.. *shrug*"

Tell me something Yak, are you mentally fucking retarded or what.
Parking Lot or some sort of store? How about it's a fucking parking lot in front of a fucking store. Jesus fucking christ, you know they do have parking lots in front of stores.
12 years ago
all that for a fuckin borrito.
12 years ago
iloseatlife shut up with your deformed comments you fuckin welfare cripple cunt.
12 years ago
welfare got me this computer and internet connection, fucks yes, welfare pays good.
Ask any black guy, welfare is da shizat.
12 years ago
finish the fight what the FUCK! i wanna see more wtf pussies
12 years ago
rucifee, ryogavee how does welfare pay?
12 years ago
you tell me, you fund it.
12 years ago
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