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Duking it Out

Some of you might have seen this match.


by yak

submitted July 17th 2006

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WTF?! wheres the rest? how you gunna post just 15 seconds of that? i wanna see more.
12 years ago
Wheres the rest of it ???????
12 years ago
wtf. speecless
12 years ago
this video was from pride fighting. i saw it on tv, shit was hilarious.
12 years ago
wow im glad they cut it short or else it would've been a great video
12 years ago
im pretty sure ive seen that before, the asian dude ends up losing i think
12 years ago
ah yea COTB got it, great vid and i like their sportsmenship at the end.
12 years ago
wouldn´t it be easier for the asian dude to lift up his left arm to block the shots coming in??
12 years ago
Thanks for the link Chairman...Great fight...they really gave it all and did it for the crowd...you can tell
Its good to see Don Frye still can splash it out..
Someone should tell him that he still should dfitch the Freddy Mercury get up a lonng time ago though
12 years ago
I thought he was simply going for the Haggar look.
12 years ago
holy shit. I would go down after 2 shots and these guys punch eachother fullpower with 2 ghz.
12 years ago
this is the Tom Selleck fight right?
12 years ago
^^yeah, after his alcohol addiction he finally got up again! go Magnum GO!!
12 years ago
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