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Some Really Weird Game

I can't really follow what the "Game" is here....


by yak

submitted July 17th 2006

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So this is the kinda shit they play on MTV2 huh?
12 years ago
wait a minute.... I'm on the wrong site... Ignore that....
12 years ago
bestial foreplay.

was that portuguese or spanish (spain-spanish, not mexican-spanish)?
12 years ago
A calf's tongue is exceptionally hairy, much like a pussy...cat that is, so this would have been extremely ticklish.
12 years ago
CapnJohn.. im not even gonna ask or care how u found that out one night while drunk on the farm and alone!
12 years ago
Sounds like you already know a lot about that night, fabreeze.
12 years ago
if they're gonna get in swimsuits, might as well have gotten naked or something, can't believe you homos havent gotten mad at that
12 years ago
It is portuguese, cause its a Brazilian TV show. The name is "Panic on TV".
12 years ago
some how that turned me on ha
12 years ago
They have rednecks in oter countries! Astounding...
12 years ago
what a lame tv show
12 years ago
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