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Forest Bike Crash

If an idiot falls in a forest, and noone is around, does he make a sound?


by yak

submitted July 17th 2006

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Awesome - had to watch him fall on his face a few times.....
11 years ago
11 years ago
what a fucking tard. See that coming from a mile away
11 years ago
i loved that! must've watched it 10 times. ha! "shit." and everybody stands around.

i'm gonna go watch it again. heh.
11 years ago
To answer your question, yes he makes noise, but no one is there to say "Shit"
11 years ago
he did say "shit"... i heard it...
11 years ago
ahhhahahhahah...*wipes tear from eye*

That, ladies and gentleman, is why I never learned how to ride a bike. DEATH MACHINEZ!
11 years ago
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