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360 Swing

A large part of me was very disappointed when he didn't break his spine on the swing pole.


by yak

submitted July 16th 2006

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Actually, he might of. I believe I've seen a slightly longer version of this and he begins to have a seizure of sorts, which I believe indicates nerve damage.
12 years ago
Myth Busters tried doing a 360 with Buster on a swing supported by chains but it was impossible. This guy shoulda watched Myth Busters first.
12 years ago
the future of our country.
12 years ago
Pwnd by the swing set.
12 years ago
nah bullshit he landed on his knees. probably got the wind knocked out of him or something. but for doing something this retarded hes pretty damn lucky
12 years ago
And it was on AFV....wonderful.
12 years ago
Actually some show pulled it off. They had a 150 pound manniken(that's the new spelling) and they rammed it with a stock car. So, it is possible, you'l just die.
12 years ago
^ or turn inside out.
12 years ago
And that's how Inside-Out Boy was created.
12 years ago
Notice how the crowd just laughs.. I cringed a little but the families in the audience just laugh ahah
12 years ago
props for trying
12 years ago
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