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Tire prank

pretty good tire prank.


by Stephen

submitted July 16th 2006

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Actually the idea was pretty good.
12 years ago
That isn't fake. In Glasgow that happens all the time.
12 years ago
that was kinda funny.
12 years ago
british humor. comedy at it's best!. this is almost as funny as the british version of "who's line is it anyway. actually, theyre equally not funny, not even a smirk out of this.
12 years ago
That suckd ballsacks. Why didnt they have a guy in a dress. Now thats british comedy.
12 years ago
Actually the idea was pretty dumb.
12 years ago
are you sure it was british, most of them had teeth
12 years ago
That's from a show called Just For Laughs: Gags. It's Montreal-based, but makes gags in other countries aswell.
12 years ago
thought it was ok not the best "gag" ever.
whats with the teeth thing i dont get it ? everybody seems to have teeth were i live.
its like saying all americans are fat over weight dumbass's that only have minimal knowledge of there own country.
12 years ago
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