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Rocky Trailer

The greatest underdog story of all time. So they say.


by Stephen

submitted July 15th 2006

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Rocky is one bad ass motherfucker, that's for sure!
12 years ago
Humprey... stick a Rocky down your pants first.
12 years ago
This is too awesome for words. I heard the rumors, but I heard he was gonna go back in with other oldie Mr T! This is a great idea for a movie...albeit insanely impossible...but hell...dis is Rockeeeee.

Do you know Sly is 60 fucking years old now?? Gonna be worth seeing just to find out if a 60 year old man (probably 58/59 at time of movie) can still have a half-decent physique. You gotta hand it to Sly...whatever you think of him...he's a damn hero for this.

Looks like his career is back off the canvas...Rambo IV is on the way too!!

However, I think I recall hearing that Sly doesn't permit staff to look at him in the eyes the fucking arrogant freak. But otherwise...the guy's a true champ.
12 years ago
This looks more like a movie based on his career as Rocky Balboa in the Rocky movies. I never cared for the Rocky movies (never watched any of them), but I LOVE Sylvester Stallone's career in general, he's made so many wicked movies (like Judge Dredd - "I am the law!!!"). I also heard that he's in the process of making a new Rocky movie, so Kudos to him.....
12 years ago
Looks like adrian decided to sit this one out. They should put a mohawk on someone...
12 years ago
Wario u retarded son of a bitch. You must be kidding right??! This IS the new Rocky movie you clown...they've just called it Rocky Balboa coz Rocky VI would look ridiculous. Were you watching a different trailer you moron? He's going into the ring against a guy half his age...that's the movie...that's why it's gonna be pure gold.

And how can you not love the Rocky movies. The first one even won the Oscar that year you ignorant cum stain.

I read your post again...you HAVE to be kidding...I assume you are, but I don't know you...uhhm...Judge Dredd...funny guy.
12 years ago
"So they say" huh? yeah I've heared this about a lot of "unforgettable great movies" BEFORE they came out and then ended up as a flop.

Well, we will see...
12 years ago
Being from Philly, we're all really pumped to see this Rocky. Rocky has a lot of Philly pirde in it, so almost everyone is a big Rocky fan around here.
12 years ago
"Rocky is one bad ass motherfucker, that's for sure!"

I thought I was the only badassmofo.
12 years ago
One of the cable stations (probably TNT or something like it) did a Rocky marathon a year or two ago. They played all of them from Rocky to the Rocky beats the shit out of Tommy Gunn in the street movie.

I watched all of them that day and figured out something interesting.

Rocky isn't the story of a boxer.

Rocky is a love story between Rocky and Adriene set against the backdrop of a boxers life. Having seen the movie from that perspective I find it interesting that Talia Shire is not listed in the credits. Since Burt Parks (Pauly) is still in the movie I can only guess that Adriene must be dead. I doubt she would have left him - after all they had been through - so odds are she gets killed and that's part of what sets Rocko off on fighting. I noticed in the trailer they showed Rocky next to roses in a cemetary. If that was Micky's grave Rocky wouldn't have brought him red roses. I'm willing to wager that 'Yo, Adriene died.'

12 years ago
You guys know Stallone is like 5'6", right? Not to bag on short dudes, but in real life I’m practically a foot taller than him.
12 years ago
CruelHM, you might want to get back on your anger management meds. I have no interest in boxing movies, which includes the Rocky movies. They're great movies. I just won't watch them. I also can't stand mafia movies, so I won't sit down and watch any of the Godfather movies. You'll have to excuse my POV, but that's what I took away from from this clip. Yeah, I saw a few other small clips and that's what I got out of it, so sue me! I guess we're all retarded sons of bitches when it comes down to it, I'll attest to that.... btw, I am not kidding, that's my opinion, take it or leave it....
12 years ago
they should make a John Rambo movie.....
12 years ago
actually stallone is 3'9 and wears those circus stilts on set
12 years ago
i heard he plans on making a new Rambo movie after this too... I guess he's gotta do something to get himself back in movies.
12 years ago
that stuff is shit
12 years ago
lol rand al thor. is that supposed to make us think youre cooler than sly because youre a 6'6 freak of nature? he could still beat your ass at age 60.

by the way he is listed at 5'10. not 5'6.
12 years ago
This movie is retarded. They should make a movie called Rambocky Dredd where Stallone plays an over the hill fat dude running around in tights, firing an m16 with one arm and yelling, "ADRIANE!!!! ADRIANE!!!!" till his voice gets hoarse and face turns red. I'd pay a dollar to see dat.
12 years ago
In all seriousness I have thought for a long time that Rocky Vs. Rambo would be worth the price of admission. They start out as enemies and have to team up to save a group of orphan child boxers from a prison camp run by a crazed Vietcong general in Afghanastan
12 years ago
dont worry about cruelhm Wario. He's obviously new to the site because the fact that he can mouth off to a complete stranger gets him off.
12 years ago
I'm not new to this site. I am however, relatively new to posting...but feel obliged to highlight stupidity and ignorance whenever and wherever I see it.

Sly is amazing. At age 60 I'll bet he's fitter than most of the fat asses posting here, and capable of kicking most asses here too. And height means nothing. Sly is definitely no shorter than 5' 10" however - which is slighly above the US average for men. He's always looked short due to his physique.

Don't be envious of the man. He's intelligent (writes and directs a lot of his movies) and incredibly wealthy. Even over the last decade when his career has looked bad (Spy Kids 3D) he's still been raking in the millions.

Stallone is back off the canvas - face it. Rambo IV and others are on their way. The guy is a legend.
12 years ago
Damn..I posted then it never showed up...<br>anyway<br> Why does Rocky always have to fight/beat a black dude....Drago wasn't but that was the only one. <br>Quankers...that is fucking awesome.
12 years ago
No Drago wasn't the only white dude. The terrible actor and even worse real-life former heavyweight champ (for very short time) Tommy Morrison was the opponent/enemy in the fifth and worst Rocky.
12 years ago
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