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Japanese potty training

I think this is supposed to be a Japanese potty training video for kids but I'm not sure.


by lexicon_devil

submitted July 15th 2006

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Im confused. Shouldn't the mom just lay down and the kid just use that? Isn't that what they teach in Japan?
12 years ago
12 years ago
Pennywise, don't you have some kids to scare? (Ever seen the movie IT by Steven King?)

This looks more like a Pokemon toilet training video than anything else.... that poop wants out in a hurry, doesn't it? I've had times like that, brings back memories.... wish I got a party everytime I took a dump! awww, the kid wishes his poop goodbye, isn't that cute?
12 years ago
Seen it? Devouring young children while being powered by their own fear is my greatest hobby! :D
12 years ago
That is really fucked up. If I thought I would have to take a crap that spoke back to me on a talking toilet while my parents danced around and sang next to me, I'd be holding it in as long as I could.
12 years ago
japanese toilet training is an oxymoron.
12 years ago
12 years ago
The little Japanese kid needed toilet handlebars to brace himself for the monster shit that was brewing.
12 years ago
^LOL i was thinking about that :D

@CotB yeah how awkward would that be!?
12 years ago
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