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Funny Cyber sex

Why u should not have cyber sex.


by Stephen

submitted July 14th 2006

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Reminds me of Donnie Darko, when Donnie and his sister duke it out with words at the dinner table. What a goddamn good movie.
12 years ago
yep, damn good movie, especially experiencing Drew Berrymore yelling FUCK! at the top of her lungs.
12 years ago
To late to be embarresed now, might as well go for the gold.
12 years ago
about from the fact that there was a brother and sister at a dinner table.. this clip had fuck all to do with Donnie Darko.
12 years ago
I've been living in Tennessee for the past few years. I believe that's known as foreplay here.
12 years ago
damnit they cut too son, i wanted to see what happened. what did she do? what did he do? does someone die? is it a commercial??!?!?!/ YAAAAAAARRRRGGGG!!!
12 years ago
What helloIm, Who cut the son. You guys need to stop typing when your drunk.
12 years ago
lol i think its a commercial, doesnt look like its from some tv program.
IF something was cut out HIB it probably was a line of text with the moral of this story, which was written in dutch, so you couldnt read it anyway.
12 years ago
its a swedish commercial
12 years ago
i wish it was real, i wanna see what happens. mabey some sexy incest
12 years ago
har har

this is old btw...

moe shiet at http://www.superzooi.com/
12 years ago
that was the hottest fucking thing ever posted to this fucking site and i honest to god just jerked off four times consequtively for the first time in my fucking life.
Good god I fucking want a hot sister to cyber fuck like that.
Christalmighty that shit was so fucking hot.
12 years ago
I guess if I had a hot sister that I wanted to fuck, I'd cyber with her.

It's like...a virtual-crime, making it 'virtually' not a crime.
12 years ago
ROFL @ iloseatlife. I spit what I was drinking when I read what you posted. Thanks for the laugh.
12 years ago
@LooseNut323 it's a dutch commercial, not swedish.
12 years ago
same place innit? lol
12 years ago
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