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Nasty Rugby leg break

nasty leg break from rugby


by Stephen

submitted July 14th 2006

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Walk it off pussy
12 years ago
i love how hes so calm about it. and how in the still shot he looks like hessmiling a bit. must be on drugs.
12 years ago
mmmm... morphine is great!
12 years ago
i wanted to see him cry.
12 years ago
I'd fucking probably chew my foot off.
12 years ago
btw Rugby is shit loads better than american football, american football is just a bunch of pussy's in padding.....Rugby's a real mans game...
and so is football (Soccor for all you americans) unless you're Italian or Portuguese
12 years ago
real mans game. youre a fuckin joke. we play rugby with a cluster grenade over here.
12 years ago
"A real man's game." Here's a real man's game: Bear wrestling. Hands down.
12 years ago
Football/Soccer is a terrible sport, I wouldn't really class it as a sport anymore. American Football and Rugby is great fun to watch, since i've never played American Football myself (isn't popular here in Wales or the rest of the UK) I can't really compare the two, although i'd say they would both be great fun to play, i've been a fan of Rugby longer though, so I have to choose Rugby as the overall best sport :)
12 years ago
*American Football would be great fun to play, I already play Rugby :o
12 years ago
I play Tugby with my dick thinking about Reon Kadena; and that's a real man's game.
12 years ago
if that was my leg i wouldnt be able to look at it without feeling nauseous.
12 years ago
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