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Taco Bell Blast

These kids use fireworks and have some fun in the parking lot


by Slacker

submitted July 14th 2006

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it's muchsucko none of our videos work day. YAH!
12 years ago
that's what happens when you get too much Taco Bell in your system...

btw, don't play classic Doom mod for Doom3, you'll end up on the lead asshole express forever and ever and ever!
12 years ago
That was pretty cool. And I love the crunchwrap supreme.

Hmm random comment like wario...

btw, Dont ever get drunk think you are a ninja and decide to climb the neighbors fences and/or sides of houses. The next moring youll end up with a hangover and a bunch of random scratches, bruises, and sprand ankles.
12 years ago
That sucked.

btw, don't fuck yer sister.
12 years ago
random or not, that really happened while I was commenting on this video. I had to reboot twice to recover from that DOOM3 Mod...
12 years ago

btw, dont bend over to pick up something heavy when u got to take a shit.
12 years ago
The title 'Taco Bell Blast' sounds like something BM related.

:( I was hoping someone would get hurt in this video.

12 years ago
I am an out and proud pyromaniac. Blowing shit up gives me a soft on.

btw..............damn it , nothing clever to say.
12 years ago
btw... In the honor of Rubbing Your Belly and Patting Your Head, don't try to brush your teeth and Q-Tip your ears.
12 years ago
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