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Now they dance, next they do my dishes...

A bunch of synchronized robots from Sony dance it up and make me hopeful. One day, I wont need a maid that I have to pay :)


by dirtyrottensteve

submitted July 14th 2006

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gahh...I gotta say it!!!

Why didn't they do the robot!?
12 years ago
These robots are too advanced for that. They prefer gay-ass, slowmo Geisha moves...than taking over the world for dessert.

Is this life imitating life imitating art, too much influence from sci-fi movies...or just the way things were always meant to go? Either way...where the hell are we gonna be in another 20 years? I dare say I'll be too old to give a shit about any of it and too crap at games to play GTA 35.

Japs are so close to eliminating the need for women...soon you can spend $25,000 on one of these robots to nag the shit outta you and refuse to give you head.
12 years ago
i meant then taking over...
12 years ago

next thing you know they got dickholes inhem.
12 years ago
Yeah. Inputs and Outputs.
12 years ago
Why aren't their eyes slanted?
12 years ago
What'sw with these small robots...

When the hell is japan gonna crank out the giant Robots to battle godzilla and other giant robots?!

Wonder if they'll train them to kill North Koreans?
12 years ago
I want a robot that will go to work for me. That's all. Oh yeah, and I want him to pick up some cigs.
12 years ago
What about the robots that shit on you? I want one o' them.
12 years ago
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