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How drunk can you get ?

Don't sniff glue, don't do crack, don't .. or no wait, just do it so we get nice video's to submit


by Lucius_Vulpes

submitted July 13th 2006

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Making the video as long as the song being used in it is not necessary.

Funny, but repetitive.
12 years ago
If the guy got sick of being filmed and put the bicycle through his windshield, then it would have been perfect.
12 years ago
All that shit without a face plant? Fire the editor!
12 years ago
so what glue are you supposed to sniff to get high? cause im really bored right now
12 years ago
Not as bad as "falling down drunk" guy from a while back.
12 years ago
I've heard of good results from blue Elmer's. the gold bottle is for light weights.
12 years ago
If he could just pop a wheelie, he'd be sweet.
12 years ago
He he this video made in Hungarian!!!
12 years ago
Those new invisible front wheels are a bitch.
12 years ago
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