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cat love

cat showing love to dolphin


by bangURmother

submitted August 23rd 2014

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A very reluctant upvote.
4 years ago
Sometimes you have to fight the catfaggotry
4 years ago
Its not every day you see a cat hugging a dolphin, and remember dolphins sometimes kills sharks!
4 years ago
Ok... killing sharks out weighs catfaggotry
4 years ago
this sub should be fun to find later on when you search dolphin.... lord knows searching cat on Mucho will give you 50 pages of shit
4 years ago
but sometimes, cats act as diplomats for the sharks and talk the dolphins out of not killing the sharks, letting them go free
4 years ago
Those damn ferengi cats
4 years ago
Searching dolphin does lead to one of my favorite subs.
4 years ago
that post haunts me.

cym Ballet
4 years ago
People are not awesome.
4 years ago
Downvote because this video is ancient.
4 years ago
.....but it's soooooo keeewwwttt!


4 years ago
Just don't forget, dolphins are rapists.
4 years ago
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